Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Paddleboarding 101 - You Can Do It!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is fun and easy to learn.  You can rent stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) and kayaks right here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Today we tell you where, how, and why you should try paddleboarding next time you're in town.  ... View the full post »

How to Pack Your Bags for a Vacation Rental Stay

Do you like to pack for a trip (or dread it)?  We want to help! We are going to give you tons of great advice about how to pack for a vacation rental house in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Packing for a vacation rental stay is a little different from how you... View the full post »

Do I Still Have Time to Book My Beach Vacation? Yes!

Are you craving a last-minute trip to the beach?  Maybe we can help. After all, Sunset Vacations manages over 200 rental homes right here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, all year long.  While it’s true that our most popular vacation ... View the full post »

The Rules and Regulations for Sunset Beach, NC You Need to Know

Before you hit Sunset Beach, NC, make sure you know the rules.  Here are all of the rules and ordinances you should know before you go to the beach. Some of them are obvious (clean up your trash!) but others might leave you thinking - Wow!  I'm glad I rea... View the full post »