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Why Labor Day is the Best in Sunset Beach!

      Can you believe that it is almost Labor Day already?! It seems like the summer has barely just begun, and now it is over. Or nearly over. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and the start of the beautiful fall season. (Though it might be hard to imagine fall... View the full post »

How to Best Beat the Heat and Have Fun in the Glorious Sun

        A beautiful thing, summer is! When we were kids, we didn’t mind the heat in the least! We would frolic along the beach, getting sunburned and collecting beautiful sea shells. And we would thoroughly indulge in pool time, running through forests barefoot, and ... View the full post »

The Most Delicious Way to Celebrate Labor Day in Sunset Beach

      It’s been a beautiful summer, especially here in Sunset Beach! Long days of sunshine followed by short nights of laughter in the starlight. Labor Day, though, is just around the corner which means that the unofficial start of fall is almost here! And you know what ... View the full post »

5 Excellent Ways to Stay Fit on the Beach

  ** This post was originally published in August 2017. It was updated for relevant content and information in August of 2019 ** Oh, the delight of getting to finally take that beach vacation you have been longing for! You have been planning. Savin... View the full post »