10 Beautiful and Special Shells to Seek When Shelling

10 Beautiful and Special Shells to Seek When Shelling 

The sand squishes between your toes. Soft yet steady waves tug at your feet, making you both want to linger in the surf and run away down the hard packed beach. Then you feel a little poke - just a little prick - on your big toe. You bend down and tug at the offender barely peeking out of the sand and end up pulling out one of our beautiful shells in Sunset Beach. 

Do you like collecting shells? Delicate (and free!) mementos of your beautiful beach vacation? We think it is such a fun pastime for both adults and kids alike! To encourage you on your shelling adventures, we have complied a brief but inclusive shelling guide for you. Enjoy!

Scorched MusselScorched Mussel

This beautiful little shell is easily recognized as a mussel (after all, who hasn’t seen them in the tanks and beds of ice at grocery stores?). What makes this particular shell in Sunset Beach beautiful is its iridescence. This definitely sets it apart from many of the other shells you will come across on the beach.  

Ribbed Mussel

This beauty is the picture perfect shell to bring back with you from Sunset Beach. It is deeply ribbed and tipped with a deep, rich, royal purple. It will add some beautiful color to the collections of shells from Sunset Beach that you bring home with you. 

Atlantic Wing OysterAtlantic Wing Oyster

Have you ever seen a shell that looks like the carving of a bird in flight? That is exactly what the Atlantic Wing Oyster looks like! Its a beautiful little creature, often found with both halves stuck together. But be careful! It is quite fragile. 

Half-Naked Pen Shell

This gorgeous shell found in Sunset Beach, NC, is reminiscent of Victorian adornments. Smooth. Shimmery. Gently and laterally ribbed. Shining with opalescence and a seeming inner light. This will be a real gem in any collection! 

Jingle ShellsCommon Jingle

The common jingle is a beautiful, delicate little shell. This perfect, miniature, half-moon shaped shell, has a lovely creamy (or even sometimes blue or orange) color. Delicate (though often found with both halves still hinged together), you will have to be careful when you are out walking! It is far too easy to crush these little gems. 

Sculptured Topsail

A Sculptured Topsail is a lovely little pointed snail house. Creamy white, with delicate ridges. It would make a beautiful pendant around a little child’s neck! 

Fringed VitrinellaFringed Vitrinella

Did you ever find (or were given) one of those fossils as a child that looked like a little curled up worm etched in stone? The Fringed Vitrinella looks exactly like that! But in a beautiful, alabaster, pearly color instead of the stone grey. And this is an actual shell rather than a fossil! Your kids (and you!) will love this one!

Angulate Wentletrap

This delicate little shell found in Sunset Beach looks just like a little dollop of whipped cream piped out of a beautiful piping bag. 

Knobbed WhelkKnobbed Whelk

This stunning shell is exactly the type you would spend $50 or more on at a beachside gift shop. The type of shell that you would put up to your ear and listen in for the sound of the surf when you are back home and away from the beach. Look for these shells for sure! If you can find one, you have struck the jackpot! And have a permanent and beautiful living room decoration. 

Stout Tagelus

This fun shell in Sunset Beach is a lovely, long, flat shell. The shell equivalent of a spoon. If you happened to be lost on a deserted island one day this is definitely something you would want to discover on the beach. It is also a fun addition to your shell collection! Make sure to look for this one for sure!

There are so many lovely shells for you to find in Sunset Beach, NC! It’s the perfect spot for shelling as a family. We can’t wait to see you walking along the beach here with us! Hurry and book that indulgent and beautiful vacation you so richly deserve now




 Images Source: Sunset Beach Shells


10 Beautiful and Special Shells to Seek When Shelling Pin

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