1 Powerful New Years Resolution That Will Change Your Life

Powerful New Years Resolution 

The confetti settles. The champagne is flat. And the music on your stereo has died down. You have been so excited to start on your New Years resolutions for the past several weeks! But how long will the excitement continue?

Did you know that only 46% of New Years resolutions make it past the first month? Despite all of the best intentions you start out with, your New Years resolutions have a huge chance of failure…but why? It is because it is hard to work towards a year end goal without the process being fun!

But what if we could offer you a solution?

The Solution 

The Solution


Instead of setting crazily ambitious goals for yourself this New Years, such as loosing a certain amount of weight by the end of the year, or achieving a certain promotion by the end of the year, create a fun and shorter term goal for yourself. Something that will bring delight and joy to your whole family!

And instead of making a resolution that is completed at the end of the year, create a resolution that you can see results from immediately. A resolution that will bring you peace, happiness, and deeper connection with your loved ones. Now, doesn’t that sound lovely? If it does, then read on! For we have the perfect resolution for you.

The Resolution 

The Resolution

You want a resolution that will give you immediate results? That will bring you bliss and peace and deeper connection? Then the resolution you need in your life this New Years is to take a vacation with your family! Especially a vacation in the stunning and relaxing environs of Sunset Beach.

That’s right! Deciding to take one vacation (or even better - several!) during this New Year is the perfect resolution for your entire family! Which means you get to check off "being more giving” and "doing more for my family” from your New Years resolution list, too, just with this one simple and pleasurable resolution.

The Why 

The Why


Why is planning to take a vacation (or several!) the perfect New Years resolution for you and your whole family? Because it is so all encompassing! It will bring you serenity. Peace. Rest. Relaxation. And it will help you get closer with your family as you all make memories together. All of this rest and peace will help you loose weight (no more stress eating!), live a healthier lifestyle in general, and even maybe get that promotion that you have been longing for!

Plus, a vacation isn’t something that you have to wait till December of 2018 to achieve! Instead, you can take a vacation next week. Next month. Two months from now… And then repeat the process and take another vacation!

If you long to have more serenity and bliss in your life, while you also achieve amazing things this coming year, then you need to make taking a vacation (or 2 or 3!) your top New Years resolution this year. Cast aside your cares and come to Sunset Beach with us! Indulge yourself in sun and sand and surf. Sleep in. Recharge your batteries and renew your creativity. The entire rest of your year will thank you!

So don’t wait any longer. Make sure that you will achieve your New Years resolution by booking a fabulous vacation with us now

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