5 Amazing Breakfast Spots You Really Have to Try

5 Amazing Breakfasts Spots You Really Have to Try

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day! And here in Sunset Beach, we have an option for everyone. Do you long to indulge in a huge egg scramble from the moment you wake up? We have a place for you! Is coffee, and only coffee, your breakfast? We have the perfect coffee bar for you! Or do you long to indulge in a sumptuously delicious pastry with your hand crafted sweet coffee? We have the perfect shop for you, too!

As the most important meal of the day, whether you like to eat a big meal or just fill up your caffein tank, it is important to scope out a place for breakfast first thing when you get to a new vacation spot. Check out these lovely choices we have selected for you during your next Sunset Beach vacation

Ah, Backstreet Cafe is truly a breakfast lover’s delight! When you walk into this charming, casual eatery, you are immediately struck by how warm and charming it is. Once you sit down at the table and take a look at the menu, you are then struck by just how delicious everything looks - and how much variety there is! Served from 8 AM until close on Sundays, and from 7 AM until 11:00 AM on weekdays, breakfast at the Backstreet Cafe has a little something for everyone. From wraps and breakfast quesadillas to deliciously cheesy and meaty omelets, there is something to satisfy your largest of appetites. Of course, there are things to delight your sweeter side, too, with the beautiful array of pancakes and French toast.  

If you prefer to start your day with a croissant, some oatmeal, or a delectable sweet treat accompanied by an icy cold or steaming hot hand crafted espresso drink, then Turtle Crossing Cupcakes, Espresso Bar, and Bake Shop is for you! This heavenly place is located in an unassuming building, but what you find inside more than makes up for any lack of fancy decor on the outside. Made from scratch incredibly unique cupcakes are the star of this shop, along with their delicious espresso drinks.

Open seven days a week, Mavericks Java is the perfect spot for you if you are in a hurry and just long for good coffee with a pinch of coffee cake to go along with it. A nice little table outside provides perfect patio seating for those who want to linger a little bit before hurrying off to all of the other wonderful activities planned for the day.

Grand Strand Coffee Bar has a little something lite for everyone! Coffee, of course, is the star of the show. Whether cold or hot, it is all delicious. If you are looking for a dairy-free coffee, they have plenty of delicious options for you too! Pillowy doughnuts tempt all who go through line, as do other delectable baked goods. Then there are the smoothies, if you are feeling in more of a healthy mood. Fresh and made to order in whatever fruity flavor you desire! 

Sometimes the best place for breakfast is in the comfort of your own home, especially when that is a fabulous vacation home! If you should so desire to take full advantage of your lovely vacation home and snuggle up in the sofa with your lovely homemade creation, then you will need groceries. Which means a fun visit to Sunset Beach's one and only grocery store: the Island Market. Even better, the Island Market has freshly brewed, hot coffee for sale, in case you are doing your shopping in the morning.

There are all kinds of lovely breakfast options for you in Sunset Beach! We can't wait to have you come and stay with us and share our favorite spots. So, raise a cup of joe to your wonderful vacation in the making! If you haven't booked it yet, hurry and book now. 

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