Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Visit Calabash: It's Cute, Charming, and Close to Sunset Beach!

The sleepy little town of Calabash is located just 10 minutes from our office here at Sunset Vacations. Calabash is one of our favorite spots to eat, shop and explore, and we will tell you all about it here in this blog! Your guide to a day out in Calabash start... View the full post »

Our Sunset Beach Rentals Will Make You Swoon

What do you look for in a vacation rental?  It's time. You are finally sitting down at your computer, looking for a vacation house. This is a big deal! After all, you know how much coordination goes into finding the time to take off work ... school ... L... View the full post »

Family Friendly Activities Near Sunset Beach, NC

Bringing the family to Sunset Beach?  Here is your perfect checklist of family-friendly activities that will keep your crew entertained and happy (without totally busting your vacation budget). What does family-friendly mean to you? We have selected activities th... View the full post »

Enjoy A Wonderful Trip to the Bald Head Island Lighthouse

Would climbing a lighthouse complete your ideal beach vacation? You are in luck, because a quick day trip to Bald Head Island will check this item off your bucket list. Located on a quiet barrier island off the coast of Southport, you can get there in under... View the full post »