The 5 Best All-Natural Ways to Nourish Your Beach Self


Summer time is a nourishing season - a season where all the elements around you seem to try to nourish you (most of the time) from the plentiful sunshine begging you to get outside, to the delicious and succulent fresh fruits and vegetables that are so very good for you. 

Sunset Beach is the perfect place in which to take advantage of the summer season and nourish yourself! We invite you to take advantage of our Sunset Beach rentals by taking that nourishing vacation that both your body and mind so desperately need! Come and bask in the sun, enjoy the sand, and rest from the cares of the normal work week. 


1). Let Your Skin Take in the Humidity 

We have all felt the difference in our skin between arid and humid climates. When you are visiting the desert, or when the winter has frozen all of the available moisture in the air, your skin dries up, sometimes to the point of cracking and bleeding. On the coast, though, where moisture abounds, you are able to back off on your lotion application because your skin is naturally moist and supple. All of the natural moisture, too, will help compensate for the drying effects of the sea salt when you take a dip in the ocean. Of course, if your pores aren't open it is hard for your skin to take in the moisture from the atmosphere that it needs. So let your skin take in the beautiful moisture around it - don't be afraid for your skin to be outside without lots of makeup and other potions. Summer is the season for going gently on the makeup and letting your skin breath. 


2). Protect Yourself from the Sun

Of course, when you are out-of-doors and letting your skin soak up the atmospheric moisture, you do need to protect yourself from that element that we all have a love/hate relationship with: the sun. While the sun provides life giving light, boosts energy, and delivers natural vitamin D, it also can burn and dehydrate. To prevent dehydration and sunburn, it is wise to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day (11 AM - 3 PM), to drink plenty of water, and to apply sunscreen if you are planning on prolonged sun exposure. 


3). Take the Skin Treatments Gently 

Summer is the season for gently helping your skin to breath. If you cover up your face with lots of makeup or too much heavy screen, you are bound to break out as your skin protests being suffocated in the heat. To avoid those pesky summer breakouts, apply a thin layer of mineral sunscreen when you have to (it is better to cover up your skin a little now than have skin cancer later!), but leave the lotions, potions, and heavy makeup for the winter. Also, be careful not to exfoliate too vigorously before indulging in a swim in the sea - it could turn painful very quickly! 


4). Pull Out the Toxins

Your body naturally wants to detoxify in the summer. After all, when you perspire not only is your body cooling off, it is also cleansing itself. In this fabulous season all you have to do is give your body a gentle boost and it will do all of the heavy detoxifying-lifting. The easiest way to do this is by eating plenty of fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits and berries, and vegetables to help your body release all of the toxins that have built up over the last year of stressful living. If you want to take things a little further, then a good face mask or detoxifying regime can be very helpful.


5). Don’t Forget Your Hair

Are you think, "really? I need to nourish my hair?” But you do! Between the sun and the salty sea water, your hair becomes dry and the perfect template for humidity induced frizz. To prevent that, moisturize and condition! An excellent way to moisturize your hair besides using conditioner is to invest in a good serum or oil. Another thing to think about is your scalp! Yes, your scalp can get sunburned, and that type of discomfort can be enough to ruin a vacation! So, protect your head and your hair at all costs. 

Take the time to nourish yourself this year while on vacation - it is a need, not an indulgence! We can’t wait for you to take a nourishing vacation here with us in Sunset Beach!


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