Want to Visit One of the Top Beaches in the World?

Want to Visit One of the Top Beaches in the World?

** This post was updated November 2020 **

What is your idea of the perfect beach? 

Stunning white sands? Beaches made up of black volcanic ash? Pearly whiteness made up of nothing but polished shells?  Whatever your personal preferences, some beaches are just better than others. Which is why, in 2017,  National Geographic put together a list of the top 21 beaches in the entire world! And guess which beach made the list, in spot number five? Why, Sunset Beach of course! Granted, we already knew it was on of the best beaches in the world, but it is nice to have corroboration of that fact.

Why did Sunset Beach make the list? After all - it's not as famous as the beaches of Hawaii or Australia. But, there is something special about our beach, and our town. Sunset Beach is quiet and not at all touristy, unlike the more "famous" beaches like Myrtle Beach to our south. It's also not too far from the place you call home. A hidden gem with no passport required. Sunset Beach is a place where the people are friendly, the beaches are clean, and the surf is always ready for fun. 

Soulful Solitude

A Beach of Soulful Solitude

In National Geographic’s article, the top 21 beaches are broken down into 7 categories. 

The categories are: Geological Wonders, Soulful Solitudes, Shell Seekers, Canine Companions, Tinted Toes, Snorkelers, and Dune Walkers. They put Sunset Beach in the Soulful Solitude category, which makes complete sense!

Sunset Beach is a paradise of calm in a crazy, fast-paced world. A beautiful oasis on the southern tip of North Carolina’s glorious coast. Here you will find soft, shifting sand that begs you to bury your toes in it. This sand is broken up by reeds in places, creating perfect picturesque vistas. You will be mesmerized by the scenes unfolding before you, torn between whipping out your camera and just soaking up the serenity of the scene before you. A sense of peace will wash over you, ebbing in with the tide as the sun sets below the horizon, casting myriad deep and soothing hues into the rhythmic ocean. You might be surprised to find yourself gazing out into the rippling horizon for over an hour, lost in thought or just enjoying not thinking at all but simply soaking up beauty.  

Bring the Beach Home 

Bring the Beach Home With You

We do that too infrequently now, simply soaking up beauty. Our lives are a swirl of anxiety, fueled by our crammed to-do lists, our children’s activities, as well as our own social calendars. 

We all feel within us a deep-seated need for relaxation. For more beauty in our lives. We long to enjoy our daily activities more. To enjoy each moment more. But we have to pack so much into our schedules that we can rarely just stop and savor the moment. 

Sunset Beach is just the place to relearn how to savor every moment! A trip to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox, referenced in the National Geographic article, will help you ease your focus off of all your real and perceived problems and instead shift it onto other people's hopes, and dreams, and secrets. 

Sunset Beach, Brunswick Islands, 
North Carolina: At the west end of this remote beach, a mile from the access point, a solitary mailbox stands, planted by local Frank Nesmith in the ’70s, and continually replenished with notebooks inviting visitors to jot thoughts, dreams, wishes, and whatever else moves the spirit.

by National Geographic

Sunset Beach is a way of life. It gets into your blood, and when you leave the beach itself you end up carrying a bit of it with you in your heart as you go around your daily business at home. You find yourself much more relaxed, even taking on fewer tasks and eliminating some things from your to-do list. 

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Want to Visit One of the Top Beaches in the World?

COme visit one of the top beaches in the world! 

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