Kids Love Kabobs! Fun and Easy Recipes That Will Make Your Kids Happy

What is a recipe really other than a collection of ingredients that results in a dish that you and your family wants to eat? 

Feeding kids when you're on vacation can be a challenge, since they sometimes prefer a small selection of food groups or combinations. In this post, we've compiled a list of ideas with identifiable ingredients that will appeal to even the pickiest eater. Add this to the fact that (almost) all of these recipes are served on a stick, and you'll have them eating out of your hand in no time!


The meal of champions can sometimes become the meal of monotony when it comes to feeding kids. Here are a couple of cool and easy ideas that you can use at home OR in the comfort of your Sunset Beach rental!

Waffle & Fruit Kabobs

If you're going to go through the effort of cooking up a big breakfast, you might as well make one that can serve dual purposes. With this quick option, you can serve traditional pancakes or waffles with a side of fruit to the adults in your group and create these neat kabobs for the kids with hardly any extra work! 

Breakfast Popsicle

Who wouldn't want to chow down on one of these fun and easy breakfast popsicles? Keep your morning cool and your mom cred high with these colorful and highly customizable breakfast popsicles. You can even surprise the adults in your group with grown-up versions of this treat!

Breakfast Banana Split

Okay, this option may not be served on a stick but it is too good to pass over. This breakfast banana split will totally appeal to kids and adults alike. Adults will enjoy the refreshing and healthy qualities of the dish, while kids will appreciate its dessert-like countenance. Add a couple of chocolate chips to really make it work!


Lunch at the beach is often a grab-and-go endeavor. Here are a few highly-portable and easy-to-eat options.

PB&J Fruit Kabobs

These peanut butter and fruit mini sandwiches are a super cute take on the traditional PB&J. The fruit on these stands in for the jelly, and offers another way to incorporate whole foods into your kid's diet. Strawberries and bananas seem to work the best for these minis, and you can always swap out the peanut butter for another nut butter in the event that you have food allergy concerns.

Ham, Cheese & Tater Tot Kabobs

Give the ham and cheese and potato chip lunch a serious update with these delicious kabobs! You'll have a hard time keeping up with demand with these babies, as they will appeal to kids and adults too. This option is another one that can be customized to taste. Try swapping the ham for turkey, or just alternating these meats on the same kabob. Roast beef and white cheese works too!


Corndogs may be the ultimate lunch-party-on-a-stick. There's a reason why these treats are staples in carnivals and street fairs around the nation. Basically just hotdogs wrapped in cornbread, these are easy to make and filling to eat. They also reheat well if you're at the rental during the day AND they are great to pack in the cooler for a beach picnic. Dress them in condiments and you're done!


Vacation dinner should be three things: yummy, easy to prepare, and quick to clean up. These dinner kabobs meet all three requirements!

Pizza Kabobs

Sure, you could order delivery again, but if you go with this fun dinner option, you won't need to! Any ingredient combo goes with these pizza kabobs, which means that this is another option that you can use to target the tastes of both the kids and the grown ups in your group. The breading on these also offers a way for you to sneak in a veggie or two, if you have a crowd that requires such techniques.

Maple Ham & Pineapple Kabobs

These sweet maple ham and pineapple kabobs could almost be included on the dessert list! While this option is a great one just based on its own merits, it has the additional benefit of being one that can be cobbled together in the event that you try a couple of the other ideas in this post as well! Feel free to use extra ingredients from either the tater tot or pizza kabob recipes to make these stand-alone skewers.

Veggie Kabobs

If you're one of those lucky parents who is fortunate enough to have vegetable-loving children... tell us your secrets, please! These veggie kabobs will totally appeal to the plant-lovers in your group. They are also easy to customize for any meat-eaters who prefer a little steak with their squash. To keep them totally kid-oriented, add some chicken nuggets or hot dogs to the stick before you grill them!


No recipe round-up would be complete with dessert ideas! Here's a few that meet our sweet and "stick"-y approval.

Candy Kabobs

Anything goes with these candy kabobs! Create griller look-alikes that match your evening dinner or design themed skewers to celebrate holidays or family events. 

Apple Dippers

If the idea of an all-candy kabob leaves you with a mental tooth-ache, these apple dippers may be more to your liking. Try them with caramel too!

Strawberry & Brownie Kabobs

This kabob option pays sweet homage to the classic strawberries and chocolate dessert combination. These also travel well for your beach picnic the next day!

Meals don't have to be difficult to prepare or to eat, and they won't be if you use any of these fun and easy kabob recipes! 

Your kids will thank you for "all you've done" to make their dishes delightful. You don't have to tell them that it was no hassle at all!

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