5 Most Wanted Beautiful Beach Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

5 Most Wanted Beautiful Beach Hairstyles to Keep You Cool 

Ah, that beautiful time of year called summer is on our doorsteps! A time of sunshine, long evenings, clear and balmy starry nights…and the desperate need for a cool hairstyle. Because no one wants to have the fun of summer interrupted by sweaty hair clinging to their neck. 

This summer on your fabulous vacation in Sunset Beach here with us, experience the cool bliss of the perfect and beautiful summer beach hairstyle. To help you towards that end we have compiled the top 5 hairstyles you really must try while in Sunset Beach with us. We can’t wait to see you modeling them around town! (Make sure you check out these vacation rentals as well as the gorgeous hairstyles below.)

1). Fishtail Like a MermaidFishtail Braid

What could be more perfect for summer or more beach appropriate than a fishtail braid?! It is cool, perfect for all hair lengths, and is even perfect for all face shapes (just leave a little bit of face-shaping tendrils down along one side of your face if you want to lengthen your face). Sport this gorgeous fishtail and you will rival any mermaid spotted on the beach this summer. 

2). Not Your Average Ponytail

The ponytail is a summer staple. But we know that sometimes it can just feel a little too, well, average for your special beach vacation or that lovely dinner out. This summer, jazz that staple style up a bit with this adorable, easy, and rather vintage take on the ponytail. 

3). Beach Twist on the Half-Updo Twisted Half-Updo

If you are mostly concerned with keeping your hair off of your face, then this hairstyle is for you. While it is dressy enough for a nice dinner out it also perfectly fits with the more casual atmosphere of a beach vacation. Another bonus is that, with the salt water all around you creating natural beach waves in your locks, this style is extremely easy to complete. Try it out and you will see why we are so in love with it! (Have no time to wash your hair after a day in the waves and the sun? Then this is definitely the hairstyle you want to go with as the salt water negates the use of any styling product.) 

(Img Source: Twist Me Pretty)

4). Get Dramatic

Maybe you are feeling more adventurous this summer. Perfect! This just might be your year to get your hair off your neck and out of your face for the entire summer in one fell swoop. By cutting your long locks off! Take that plunge if you feel like it - daring new experiences broaden your horizons and your personality!

5). Let it GoBeach Wave Hair

When it comes to the evenings and you decide to go out to an air conditioned restaurant, your biggest concern is probably just looking good rather than staying cool. Well, we have a solution for you! For this year, loose and naturally textured beach waves with a just-blown-by-the-wind appearance is very in. So let the balmy nights and the wind and the waves do your styling for you. You will never have had an easier style before!

This year when you come to stay with us in Sunset Beach, make sure your hair is as beach ready as your stress levels are! Just remember, summer doesn’t last forever. So be sure to book your much needed, longed for summer vacation before it is too late! We can’t wait to see you! 


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