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The Best and Most Useful Apps To Make Your Vacation Awesome

Hold the phone... ...I should be downloading MORE apps? I thought the whole point of taking a vacation was to relax, get my family off their devices, and spend some quality time together! Well, we all know that phones are just a part of our lives now. We might as... View the full post »

How to Have the Best Spring Break on Sunset Beach

Spring break is the PERFECT time to visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina! No rowdy college students here. At Sunset Beach, you are guaranteed to have the family-friendly, relaxing vacation you are craving after months of winter gloom. Located on the southernmost tip of... View the full post »

9 of the Most Interesting Places Around Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Sunset Beach, North Carolina is known for amazing vacation rental homes, quiet beaches, and plenty to do! Friends who return to our shores year after year have sites and activities that always make their to-do list. Today we have gathered some of the most interesting of t... View the full post »

How to Have The Most Romantic Getaway On Sunset Beach

Love thrives here. Sunset Beach isn't just for family gatherings! In fact, you might be surprised at just how perfect our little slice of heaven is for some really amazing time together as a couple. It’s truly a wonderful place to reconnect with the love of your... View the full post »

Travel Insurance: What, Why, and How Much Is It?

You know how much work goes into planning the perfect vacation! Sometimes you need to choose your dates up to six months (or a year!) in advance, working everyone's schedule into your plans. And, sometimes life gets in the way. Here we will explain how Travel Ins... View the full post »

Why a Vacation Should Be On Your List of 2019 Resolutions

Ready to make a resolution you will actually enjoy keeping?  According to Reader's Digest, the top New Year's resolutions for 2018 were: 1. Get in shape2. Lose weight3. Live life to the fullest4. Spend less, save more5. Spend more time ... View the full post »

The Best Meals Before and After Your Holiday Celebration

Sometimes it feels like holidays are more about F O O D than anything else! What to cook, what to bring to the neighbors, what to have on hand for when the family comes into town, and what to do with all those leftovers. It's all fun and games until your pants do... View the full post »

Awesome New 2019 Vacation Rentals You Have to See!

Sunset Vacations has the distinct privilege of managing some of the most comfortable and affordable vacation properties on Sunset Beach, NC. We offer a broad spectrum of properties, both in price and accommodations, that are sure to suit every need. We manage around 260 v... View the full post »

No Need to Hibernate! Fun Winter Events Near Sunset Beach

It's important to stay active and engaged even during the dreary winter months. Luckily, there is still so much to do and see when the weather turns colder. In fact, getting out and about on and around Sunset Beach can be even more enjoyable because there is less traf... View the full post »

The Best Gifts For The Beach Lover In Your Life

If there is someone in your life for whom the beach is truly their happy place, this list is for you. For those of us here at Sunset Vacations it is certainly the case. After all, we have made the beach our business and we love to share it with you. Here are a few ideas f... View the full post »

What Should I Bring? Last-Minute Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Feast

It's almost turkey time! Maybe you are the one hosting the big meal this year, but if you are lucky, you received an invite to spend the day with friends or family! Either way, you know that you need to contribute to the feast because expectations for fant... View the full post »

Crazy, Creepy Creatures of the Atlantic That Will Delight Your Kids

Fascinating or the stuff of nightmares? You decide.  When you think of scary sea creatures, you might immediately imagine a shark like Jaws, or perhaps a blood-thirsty fish like a piranha. But there is so much more living just below the surface of our beautiful A... View the full post »

This Guest Room Checklist Will Make You the Host With the Most

Hosting doesn't need to be stressful! When you have a well-equipped space that is always guest-ready, you will be thrilled to get the call that visitors are on their way! The holiday season is the most popular time for out-of-town guests, so we have prepar... View the full post »

A Holiday At Sunset Beach is the Perfect Gift

We love Sunset Beach during the holidays! If you haven’t visited our little beach town during the off-season, you will be surprised and delighted by the availability of fantastic vacation rentals and the wide variety of activities catering to our community.In recent... View the full post »

Games For Grown Ups That Will Make You Giggle

No Candy Land Allowed!  Games aren't just for kids. In fact, one of the best ways to ensure a laugh-out-loud evening with friends is to break out a game. We prefer games that are fast-moving without a lot of complicated rules. Honestly, our ... View the full post »