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The Best Beach Books For Kids!

Kids love to read about places they have been.  The beach is no exception! In today's blog, we have gathered a few titles your kids are sure to enjoy. There is something for every age group on this list. So grab that library card or fire up the Amazon account... View the full post »


Ready for some fun? Print this cute "Bucket List Challenge" from Sunset Vacations! For this challenge, we have listed some activities you simply MUST try when you are on vacation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina! They are easy to do, and will help guide you as you enjoy yo... View the full post »

How to Build a Beach First Aid Kit

Sunscreen ✔  Towel ✔  Snacks ✔  Drinks  ✔  First Aid Kit? Hmmm..... Yep! You need to think about packing a First Aid Kit in your beach bag. When you spend the day at the beach, it's important to be prepared. Just a f... View the full post »

Traveling With Teenagers? Top Tips For a Terrific Trip!

Are you about to embark on a vacation with teens?   There are a lot of positive aspects when traveling with older kids. Sure, toddlers are cute and all, but they are SO much work. Teens can dress, feed, and bathe themselves. They don't require constant e... View the full post »

Vacation Budget Busters (and How to Avoid Them)

It's way too easy to bust your budget on vacation.  There are so many wonderful things to do, foods to eat, souvenirs to buy and reasons to say "It's fine! We're on vacation!". And hey - we aren't here to say no to that. Vacation SHOULD ... View the full post »

Madd Inlet - a New Novel About Sunset Beach - is Available Now!

Madd Inlet is here!  Local author Tim Swink has written a new novel about the Sunset Beach area.  We are so excited to share it with you! Below is some more information about the author, the novel, and how to purchase a copy of your very own. Fro... View the full post »

Day Tripping: A Lovely Day Out In Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC, is located about one hour from Sunset Beach.  That puts it in perfect range for a day trip! Wilmington is a quintessential southern town.  It's full of history and boasts a vibrant waterfront.  Home to many exciting events, delicious... View the full post »

Spectacular UPDATED Rentals in Sunset Beach, NC!

We have a link on our website to find our new and updated rentals!  When you plan a beach vacation, you want to stay in the very best rental your budget allows. Finding recently updated rentals in Sunset Beach, NC is easy. These homes might have a completely upda... View the full post »

3 Reasons Sunset Beach is Perfect For Romance

The beach has been associated with romance forever! In film, such classics as "From Here to Eternity" have cemented the passionate, wild waves of the ocean with love, quiet moments and deep feelings. While Sunset Beach is definitely a fun place to bring the fami... View the full post »

How to Budget For a Beach Vacation

Are you planning your next beach vacation?  Between meal planning, creating a packing list, booking a cat sitter and shopping Amazon for a new swimsuit, it's important to add "create a budget" to your to-do list. Sure, it's not the MOST exciting part... View the full post »

Day Trips You Should Take During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

A Sunset Beach vacation rental is perfect when you need a quiet, relaxing home-away-from-home. Sunset Beach itself is a peaceful, relaxing little beach town, devoid of large crowds, loud clubs and tourist traps. That is what makes Sunset Beach so great! That being sa... View the full post »

Where to Grab a Great Breakfast in Sunset Beach, NC

Mmmmm .... it's time for breakfast! There is something special about grabbing breakfast on vacation. The comforting clatter of dishes behind the counter, the delicious smells of bacon, pastries and coffee, and a wonderful, homey atmosphere all contribute to our lo... View the full post »

The Best Winter Activities to Try at the Beach

Winter is a super cool time to visit the beach! No, really! Not only are you saving tons of money on your Sunset Beach rental by visiting during the off-season, you are enjoying the beach in a whole new way. Here are 18 activities you can do when you visit Sunse... View the full post »

Cozy Winter Reads For Beach Lovers

Reading a good book on the beach is the best. But if it's a little chilly out, reading a book ABOUT the beach is the next best thing! Here is a list of books for beach lovers. Grab one from your local library or browse Amazon and transport yourself back to the sunny s... View the full post »

Plan Your 2022 Sunset Beach Vacation Around These Fun Events

The Brunswick Islands are home to so many fun events, festivals and opportunities to get out and about. Our neighboring towns of Ocean Isle Beach, Calabash and Wilmington are especially great to visit. In the hopes that everything will be back to "normal" for 2022, h... View the full post »