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The Best Fall Events Near Sunset Beach!

As we settle into a new normal after the devastation of Hurricane Florence, we are excited to think about all the fun there is to be had on and around Sunset Beach this fall!  October 11 | Sunset Beach Summer Market  ... View the full post »

The Most Wonderful Wildlife on Sunset Beach

If you are visiting Sunset Beach from another part of the country, you might be curious about the wildlife you see during your vacation! Barrier islands have their own unique ecosystems because of their network of inlets, sounds, rivers and creeks flow... View the full post »

Steal These Vacation Beach House Style Ideas Now!

Sunset Vacations is proud to manage over 250 rental properties and we have seen so many ideas for fabulous beach decor! Some homes have a classic nautical vibe using traditional blues, grays and whites, while others dial up the sunny fun with bright colors and patter... View the full post »

Our Fall Picks for the Best Beach Reads

We think nothing sounds better than sitting on a warm beach with a great book in your hand. Here are a few interesting choices we think you will love. This list includes a few genres including historical fiction, inspirational, mystery and of course, romance.    ... View the full post »

What Happens When Beach and Science Meet? Easy Experiments Kids Love

There is so much to discover when visiting the ocean with your children. Every sense is engaged! Just because you're on vacation doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Here are a few simple science experiments to try using materials from the beach.   ... View the full post »

Make Beach Vibes Last with These 10 Simple Strategies

Back to school. Back to work. Back to reality. The only real problem with booking a vacation on Sunset Beach is going home! We feel the same way, so we sat around brainstorming ways to keep that beach vibe going, even after the sun has set on your vacation.   ... View the full post »

Why Sunset Beach is the Best Place for Art Lovers

There’s just something about the fiery colors of a blazing sunset that speak to an artist’s sensibilities. Maybe it’s the intensity of the view, how the reds and oranges kiss the horizon above the deepening blue waters. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia inherent in the end... View the full post »

6 Reasons Why Girls Just Want To Have Fun In Sunset Beach

When was the last time you and your crew loaded up in the car and headed out on girl's-only adventure? For many of us, it's been WAY too long! Between personal and professional obligations, we often forget to make and take time to spend with our squad, those gals w... View the full post »

The Best Food and Wine List For Your Vacation

Here at Sunset Vacations, we've written quite a bit about how to eat well while you're visiting Sunset Beach, NC. From how to eat the best seafood to the top five local places to eat to local places to eat seasonal fare, we've given you lots of outside dinin... View the full post »

5 Cheap Day Trips That Will Add Value To Your Sunset Beach Vacation

There may come a day during your Sunset Beach vacation when the members of your group decide to tell you that instead of going to the beach, they want to "do something else." If and when that happens, don't panic! We've got you covered for ideas that you can use to... View the full post »

The Best Roundup Of Ideas That Will Keep The Kids Happy

At Sunset Vacations, we understand families. We know that going on vacation with your loved ones is a big deal, something that takes lots of planning and which is looked forward to with great enthusiasm by all. We pride ourselves on offering the kind of affordable, quality... View the full post »

Destination Celebrations Are Better At The Beach

Have you ever heard that spending your money on experiences rather than things will make you a happier person? Turns out this idea is true, and has been supported by numerous scientific studies throughout the years. Now think of all the times in your personal life th... View the full post »

25 Awesome Beach Facts That Will Impress Your Kids

When you think of Sunset Beach, what immediately comes to mind? If you're like most of us, your first thoughts are likely along the lines of rest and relaxation. Maybe you think of water sports or even fabulous local cuisine. No matter what, it's likely that your initia... View the full post »

Awesome Ideas That Are Cool When It's Hot Outside

Beating the summer heat during your North Carolina beach vacation can take a lot of work, but you don't have break a sweat worrying about how best to cool off! That's because our staff here at Sunset Vacations has your back. Check out our awesome list of ideas that... View the full post »

This Is The Best Summer Bucket List For Your Sunset Beach Vacation

Bucket lists are all about having unique experiences that cannot be had anywhere else. And what better way to really maximize your stay in one of our Sunset Beach rentals than to check some can't-do-this-anywhere-else activities off of your list!So keep reading here to... View the full post »