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All the Stuff the Locals Love in Sunset Beach, NC

We KNOW Sunset Beach.  Our staff is all local, and many of us have lived here our entire lives. For our readers, we often recommend some of the more "touristy" things to do, like a walk to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox or a visit to the Museum of Coastal Carolina. Bu... View the full post »

Read Beach Quotes. Dream. Smile. Repeat.

Sometimes you just need to zone out.  Sure, we have blogs about how to plan a Sunset Beach vacation. How to travel with your dog. How to travel with your kid. A list of our favorite restaurants. Things to do. Roundups of our best vacation rentals. How to rent a k... View the full post »

Tips For Surviving a Beach Day With a Baby or Toddler

Are you picturing a lovely day on the beach with your baby? She is peacefully napping under the shade of the umbrella. You are reading the latest novel, listening to the ocean waves and drinking something yummy. And ... your toddler is quietly playing at your side, discov... View the full post »

Fantastic Fall Fun From Fishing to Frisbee!

Fall is a fantastic time to visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina!  Cooler days, beautiful sunsets, fewer tourists and lower prices on vacation rentals: these are just a few of the reasons we really love Sunset Beach during the fall. Today we will list some of o... View the full post »

Find the Best Sunset Beach Vacation Rentals Here!

Searching for Sunset Beach Vacation Rentals? You came to the right place! Sunset Beach, North Carolina may be small, but our little island is full of beautiful, comfortable and affordable vacation rentals that will serve as the launching pad for amazing memories. ... View the full post »

What Is a Bloom, Bed, or Pod? Interesting Sea Animal Group Names

Look at that herd of jellyfish over there! Oh, wait....  ... that's not quite right. Animals are super cool and the creatures of the sea are no exception! Some of them glow, others pack a powerful sting, and a few are – well – delicious (sorry, not sorry, sh... View the full post »

How to Bring Your Drone On a North Carolina Vacation

Want to bring your drone to the beach?  Today we are going to explain exactly what you need to know if you want to fly a drone in and around Sunset Beach. After all, it's more complicated than you might think. Did you know that you need a license from the FAA?... View the full post »

From Boat Docks to Elevators, We Have Awesome Amenities!

Amenity:  "a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place." What amenities do you look for when booking a vacation rental home at the beach? There are probably a few must-haves, and some you didn't even know were an option. Today we are ... View the full post »

Do I Still Have Time to Book My Beach Vacation? Yes!

Are you craving a last-minute trip to the beach?  Maybe we can help. After all, Sunset Vacations manages over 200 rental homes right here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, all year long.  While it’s true that our most popular vacation ... View the full post »

The Rules and Regulations for Sunset Beach, NC You Need to Know

Before you hit Sunset Beach, NC, make sure you know the rules.  Here are all of the rules and ordinances you should know before you go to the beach. Some of them are obvious (clean up your trash!) but others might leave you thinking - Wow!  I'm glad I rea... View the full post »

How to Pack Your Bags for a Vacation Rental Stay

Do you like to pack for a trip (or dread it)?  We want to help! We are going to give you tons of great advice about how to pack for a vacation rental house in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Packing for a vacation rental stay is a little different from how you... View the full post »

Paddleboarding 101 - You Can Do It!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is fun and easy to learn.  You can rent stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) and kayaks right here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Today we tell you where, how, and why you should try paddleboarding next time you're in town.  ... View the full post »

Learn More About Renting a Condo From Sunset Vacations

Did you know that Sunset Vacations has over 200 vacation rental properties? Because of our large inventory, you are likely to find just what you are looking for when planning a beach vacation. Today, we are going to explore an option you may not have though... View the full post »

Print This Sunset Beach Walking Tour to Level Up Your Vacation!

Enjoy Sunset Beach in a whole new way. Sunset Beach, North Carolina, is known as one of the last remaining old-fashioned beach towns on the east coast. It is small, quaint, and super accessible by car, but also by foot or bicycle. There are actually two parts th... View the full post »

Complete These Last Minute Tasks Before Going On Vacation

Did vacation sneak up on you?  No worries. We are going to provide you with a quick checklist that will help you stay organized as you get ready to go on your next vacation. It can be overwhelming to pack up, get the house ready, and close that garage door as you... View the full post »