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The Most Appreciated Gift Ideas For People Who Love the Beach

It's time to shop!  Do you need to find gifts for the holidays? Or maybe just a birthday, graduation, or other occasion? One thing that can make shopping easier is knowing your recipient's specific interests. Perhaps they love cooking, reading, or the outd... View the full post »

Sunset Vacations Rentals Will Make You Love Sunset Beach, NC!

Sunset Vacations has been around for a while.  Since 1984, as a matter of fact! Our little family-owned company has grown so much over the years – managing and maintaining over 250 beautiful, unique vacation homes here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.And gosh, ... View the full post »

Sunset Beach Waterfront Town Park - Enjoy the View!

The park is the perfect solution when you need something to do!  Want to get away from the computer? Go to the park. Need a place to walk the dog? A safe, scenic option is your local park. Kids need to burn some energy? Want to watch a... View the full post »

Discover the Famous Sunset Beach Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are having a bit of a moment right now. The humble sea turtle has become the poster child for saving our environment. Images abound of turtles caught in fishing nets, ingesting plastic waste, or struggling to make it back to the ocean due to human interfer... View the full post »

5 Reasons NOW is the Best Time to Plan Your Summer Vacation

We know. You are trying to plan your Thanksgiving menu right now. Or, you are fending off never-ending updates to the kids' Christmas or Hanukkah lists. You might even be under a serious deadline for work before that famously unproductive time between Christmas and Ne... View the full post »

How to Decorate Your Home With Coastal Flair for the Holidays

You love the beach. You love the holidays.  What could be more fun than decorating your home using the beautiful beach as your muse? Get inspired this holiday season with these carefully curated ideas, projects and products that are just burstin... View the full post »

The Funniest Beach Videos and Photos That Will Make You LOL

Take a break and laugh with us!  As we enter into the darkest and coldest part of the year, we thought it would be fun to combine two awesome things into one blog post:  The beach and a giggle. After all, a little dose of humor can do wonders to brighten your... View the full post »

Find Inspiration In Our Famous Kindred Spirit Mailbox

If you have visited Sunset Beach, North Carolina, odds are great that you have heard of our famous Kindred Spirit Mailbox! Located on Bird Island, this humble little mailbox has been the recipient of countless notes, poems, hopes, dreams and wishes. Read more to ... View the full post »

All the Best Holiday Happenings in Sunset Beach

If you will be in Sunset Beach, North Carolina between October and December, you will find plenty of festive events and activities to put you in the holiday spirit. Our little town is full of good cheer as we enjoy some of the best weather of the year. Many of our sh... View the full post »

Myrtle Beach is the Perfect Day Trip From Sunset Beach

Myrtle Beach is just 40 minutes from Sunset Beach, just beyond the NC/SC border. There you will find a whole new world of restaurants, activities, shows, music, bars and much more. We get it ... Sunset Beach is a small town! Maybe your family or friends are ... View the full post »

Your Guide to the Best Golf Near Sunset Beach

We bet you didn't know that Sunset Beach is a premiere golf vacation destination! There are over 30 golf courses located super close to our fabulous Sunset Vacations rentals, so you can have your beach and golf it, too! Here you will find championship, award-winni... View the full post »

All About Alligators!

Are there dinosaurs among us?  If you are going to spot an alligator in North Carolina, it's most likely to be in an area like Sunset Beach! They don't like cooler temperatures up North (it limits their ability to reproduce, eat, and grow), but o... View the full post »

Try These Fun Events and Day Trips This Fall

Fall is a great time to visit Sunset Beach, NC.  The mosquitoes have abated. Most of the tourists have gone home. Our turtles are on the move from their nests. And the sun, while still very much a part of our daily lives, is not quite as unrelenting. Vacation ren... View the full post »

Fall is Fabulous For Fishing in Sunset Beach, NC

Time to get reel!  The ocean, creeks and inlets around Sunset Beach, NC are known for great fishing. There are several ways to get your hook in the water, and fall is a great time to try your luck. So take a break from work, school, and life. Book yourself a vaca... View the full post »

Enjoy A Wonderful Trip to the Bald Head Island Lighthouse

Would climbing a lighthouse complete your ideal beach vacation? You are in luck, because a quick day trip to Bald Head Island will check this item off your bucket list. Located on a quiet barrier island off the coast of Southport, you can get there in under... View the full post »