Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Historical Local Lore - Ghosts, Pirates and More!

Ghosts abound in the Brunswick Islands, even if you aren't visiting on Halloween! The beaches and towns in and around Sunset Beach, North Carolina have seen their share of bloodshed, wars, sunken ships, pirates battling for booty, murders and lost treasure. This histo... View the full post »

Dine and Drink Like a Local: Our Favorite Picks!

The best part of vacation is the opportunity to dine at delicious, local restaurants. The areas around Sunset Beach, NC sure do deliver! Our crew at Sunset Vacations wants to tell you all about some of our FAVORITE local spots to dine, drink, and deny that calories even m... View the full post »

How to Set Up Your Beach Canopy Like a Pro

Cabana. This simple word evokes indulgent images of cool ocean breezes, frosty drinks and sandy toes digging for the cold sand underneath the hot surface. Perhaps some chilled grapes and soft music to accompany your relaxing beach day in the shade. But wait.... caban... View the full post »

Grown Up Stuff to Do Near Sunset Beach, NC

Adults only!  Are you headed to Sunset Beach with your significant other? Or maybe you rented a beach house with a fantastic group of fun friends? Perhaps you have the kids in tow, but you made the intelligent decision to bring Grandma or an older teenager along ... View the full post »

The Best Shopping on the Brunswick Islands Starts Here

Shopping is the perfect activity to add to your Sunset Beach vacation itinerary. Get out of the heat (or rain, if it’s that sort of a day), purchase gifts for your dog sitter or babysitter, and get a good taste for the local, southern flavor of the Sunset Beac... View the full post »

It Is Easy to Enjoy Sunset Beach On a Budget!

Sunset Beach, North Carolina is the perfect destination for vacationers on a budget! We've got it all:  Nature, great weather, parks, playgrounds, affordable restaurants, and of course, the beach offers unlimited free family fun. Book your relaxing vacation ... View the full post »

The Beach Is the Best! 10 Quotes to Share and Enjoy With Friends

Vacation starts ... now!  Ok, not really. You are actually just sitting on your phone or computer, reading a blog post from your favorite beach house rental company, Sunset Vacations. But pretend, just for a moment, that you are actually here with us in Sunset Beach... View the full post »

Sunset Beach Is the Place for an Adventure Packed Vacation

Explore a swamp. Climb a lighthouse. Paddle through peaceful salt marshes. Learn to surf. Charter a fishing boat. All of these adventures (and more) are waiting for you in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.We will walk you through the different adventures available in our... View the full post »

How to Prevent and Handle Common Beach Emergencies

We interrupt your regularly scheduled vacation with a quick message about beach safety. We won’t keep you long. This blog will just touch on the basic “what to do if….” questions you might have as you vacation in Sunset Beach, NC. Perhaps you are visitin... View the full post »

Fun Tips For the Most Amazing Vacation With Kids

A family vacation is full of anticipation!  Visions of sandcastles dance in your head. Quiet evenings gazing at the sunset from your vacation rental deck are just waiting for you. But then:  K I D S. Sure, they are adorable, but man, they can quickly ta... View the full post »

The Bird Island Coastal Reserve: A Sunset Beach Treasure

A day trip to the Bird Island Coastal Reserve is a great way to expand your Sunset Beach, NC vacation without ever leaving town. Home to the infamous Kindred Spirit Mailbox, this stretch of protected land is easily accessible by walking west along Sunset Beach. ... View the full post »

Packing the Perfect Beach Bag in 5 Easy Steps

Packing for a day at the beach is easy! After all, the beach provides non-stop fun with its rolling waves, sensory sand, and beautiful seashells to discover. Your beach bag should be functional, easy to carry, and simple to clean. When your home base is a Sunset Beac... View the full post »

Summer Events Near Sunset Beach You Don't Want To Miss

Summer is finally arriving on Sunset Beach and we couldn't be more excited! We are so ready for long, lazy days where the sun stays out to party and warms our sand and souls. As you book your summer vacation rental and start planning your trip, take a look at these su... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Dog on Vacation

For animal lovers, one of the hardest part about taking a vacation is leaving the pets behind. If you’re lucky, you have an excellent pet sitter or neighbor who will care for your pets like family. Or perhaps you prefer the local kennel that offers love and playtime as ... View the full post »

Don't Forget to Pack These Essentials For Your Next Beach Vacation

Oh, if only someone would invent a way to go on vacation that didn’t involve packing! No one likes it, but packing up is part of the process. We see a lot of vacationers come and go around here. Sunset Vacations has been in the business a long time (over 30 years!)... View the full post »