Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Super Sweet Cool Treats in Sunset Beach

Cool off with a treat! This is one hot summer for everyone so why not cool off with some treats?Here is a splendid little list of some great places you can enjoy smoothies, ice cream, sweetcakes, baked goods, and donuts in the Sunset Beach area. ... View the full post »

7 Fun Ways to Support Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach and the surrounding areas have so many fun things to do during the summer!Many local businesses and charities offer weekly events and specials in the community making the summer fun and sociable. The people here are so friendly making this a great place to pl... View the full post »

6 Great Pizza Places Near Sunset Beach

If you’re on summer vacation in the Sunset Beach area and looking for a great place to eat pizza, here are 6 places you’re bound to love! Each of them offers their own unique flair and style, so maybe try a few of them throughout your stay!If you haven’t yet book... View the full post »

Super Fun Activities to Do with Kids Near Sunset Beach

Amp Up the Giggle Meter in Your Kids  What’s on your 2022 vacation itinerary at Sunset Beach this summer? If you haven’t reserved your summer rental yet, pop on over to see the best! And make your itinerary while you're at it. Your kids will thank you.Eve... View the full post »

Visit 5 Great Places in Sunset Beach

A great way to make a vacation memorable is to change it up a little. If you’re spending days on the beach but want to do some other low-key activities to keep that relaxing feeling going, here is a list of some other places you can visit that are nearby to your Sunset Vac... View the full post »

4 Things to Skywatch From Sunset Beach This Summer

Sunsets aren’t the only amazing things you can watch at Sunset Beach this summer. When you plan a vacation at one of Sunset Beach’s vacation rentals, you get a huge variety of nature and natural events occurring around you. Science has proven that connecting w... View the full post »

5 Easy Tips for Sun Safety During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

Sun and beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter the time of year you are taking your Sunset Beach vacation, you are bound to encounter the sun. Even cloudy days on the coast can produce enough UV light to cause damage to skin if the necessary precautions ... View the full post »

Historical Facts, Sites and Landmarks Near Sunset Beach, NC

Welcome to Sunset Beach, NC!! We are so much more than just a beach vacation rental destination. Our little town is the hidden gem of the North Carolina coast, and we are so excited to share a few of the things that make her so special. There is the abundant beauty of the At... View the full post »

Here is Why Sunset Beach Rentals are Perfect to Share!

Renting a beach home with another family is awesome.   It can save you money and make everything more fun. Whether you choose to meet up with friends or family members, Sunset Beach rentals are perfect to share. We have available rental homes in every shape ... View the full post »

The Best East Coast Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Are you taking a road trip through North Carolina? There are certain signs, landmarks, restaurants, and animals you are sure to see! When these things start coming into view, you know you are close to your destination - Sunset Beach, North Carolina! Living here ... View the full post »

Please Donate Your Unused Food to Our Food Recovery Program!

Have leftover food from your Sunset Beach vacation? Donate it! When you spend a week in a vacation house, you are bound to grab lots of groceries! You probably filled up your refrigerator with lots of goodies – drinks, fruits, veggies, sandwich fixings, ... View the full post »

How to Make the Most of your Vacation Rental Kitchen

Having your own kitchen on vacation is a game-changer. No tiny hotel fridge here! Our Sunset Vacations rentals offer full-size kitchens complete with refrigerator, oven, microwave, pots and pans, dishes, utensils and more. Most of our rentals have coffee makers, and ... View the full post »

Local Author Profile - Marybeth Whalen

Today we will spotlight a talented local author - Marybeth Whalen!  Looking for a great beach read, inspired by Sunset Beach? Try a novel by one of our own, author Marybeth Whalen. Marybeth and her husband, Curt, have been married for 29 y... View the full post »

How Much Do YOU Know About Sharks (and their teeth)?

Did you know that 50 species of sharks live off the coast of North Carolina?  No need to worry, because encounters between sharks and humans are very rare. That being said, it's a good idea to learn as much as you can about sharks, their habits, and what to d... View the full post »

Beach Quotes to Get You In a Summer State of Mind

Summer is almost here! It probably won't take much convincing to get you into a summer state of mind, but just in case you need a nudge, here are 8 beach quotes you will love. Feel free to share this blog with your beach-loving friends. Then, start planning a vac... View the full post »