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Happy Beach Quotes to Get You Through the Winter

Ohhh the winter feels long, doesn't it?  If your family only goes on vacation during the summer, the winter can feel like a time when you are just waiting. Waiting for something fun to happen. Waiting for warmer weather. Waiting for a break from school and wo... View the full post »

Bookmark These Websites If You Love the Brunswick Islands

If you visit the Brunswick Islands (which include the towns of Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island, Caswell Beach, and Bald Head Island), you should bookmark the following websites and Facebook pages. Then, check them out before your ne... View the full post »

Four Delicious Holiday Recipes to Try This Year

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays this year, food is probably center stage.  Maybe you have certain tried-and-true recipes you simply MUST prepare year after year. Or perhaps this is the year to try something new! Are you considering a theme... View the full post »

How to Find The Best Seashells in Sunset Beach

What activity is great for all ages, free, fun, educational – and you can do it all year round?  Hunting seashells, of course! Today on the blog we are going to tell you exactly how to find the best seashells on Sunset Beach. There are some tricks to the trade,... View the full post »

Great Gifts For Beach People!

Buying a gift for a beach person is easy. After all, the beach is a pretty popular obsession, therefore, there are plenty of things your beach lover will adore! Whether you are looking for a practical gift or just something pretty that reminds your friend of their favorit... View the full post »

Common Questions Kids Ask About the Beach

A trip to the beach raises many questions.  Kids tend to ask these questions out loud. But we bet you have asked yourself (or Google) the same things! Today we are going to try to answer some of the questions kids ask while visiting the beach. It's such ... View the full post »

How to Bring the Beach to Your Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving, let the beach guide your gathering – from the foods you lovingly place on the table to the decor that surrounds your friends and family.   In today's blog we will give you some fun ideas for bringing the beach to your Thanksgiving ta... View the full post »

5 Unique and Fun Activities to Try On the Beach

Fun at the beach is more than just sandcastles.  Today we are going to give you 5 cool activities you can try next time you visit Sunset Beach. They are fun, cheap, and sure to entertain! Just steps from your Sunset Beach vacation rental, the beach provides the p... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Your Service Dog on Vacation

Do you have a service dog in your life?  If you do, and you want to bring him on vacation to Sunset Beach, you might have some questions. Today we are going to address how to rent a vacation home with your service dog. Also, we review guidelines and policies, and ... View the full post »

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Vacation Rental in Sunset Beach, NC

When you rent a vacation home, certain thoughts probably come to mind. “If this were my rental, I would include a huge game cabinet and a pool table.”“It would be so fun to shop for cute beach decor and decorate my own beach cottage!”“What the heck do they k... View the full post »

5 Activities That Are Unique to the North Carolina Brunswick Islands

This isn't just any old vacation.  A visit to the Brunswick Islands of North Carolina includes several unique experiences you simply can't get anywhere else. The Brunswick Islands are comprised of several beautiful towns (including Oak Island, Bald Head... View the full post »

All the Stuff the Locals Love in Sunset Beach, NC

We KNOW Sunset Beach.  Our staff is all local, and many of us have lived here our entire lives. For our readers, we often recommend some of the more "touristy" things to do, like a walk to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox or a visit to the Museum of Coastal Carolina. Bu... View the full post »

Read Beach Quotes. Dream. Smile. Repeat.

Sometimes you just need to zone out.  Sure, we have blogs about how to plan a Sunset Beach vacation. How to travel with your dog. How to travel with your kid. A list of our favorite restaurants. Things to do. Roundups of our best vacation rentals. How to rent a k... View the full post »

Tips For Surviving a Beach Day With a Baby or Toddler

Are you picturing a lovely day on the beach with your baby? She is peacefully napping under the shade of the umbrella. You are reading the latest novel, listening to the ocean waves and drinking something yummy. And ... your toddler is quietly playing at your side, discov... View the full post »

Fantastic Fall Fun From Fishing to Frisbee!

Fall is a fantastic time to visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina!  Cooler days, beautiful sunsets, fewer tourists and lower prices on vacation rentals: these are just a few of the reasons we really love Sunset Beach during the fall. Today we will list some of o... View the full post »