Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

3 Reasons Sunset Beach is Perfect For Romance

The beach has been associated with romance forever! In film, such classics as "From Here to Eternity" have cemented the passionate, wild waves of the ocean with love, quiet moments and deep feelings. While Sunset Beach is definitely a fun place to bring the fami... View the full post »

How to Budget For a Beach Vacation

Are you planning your next beach vacation?  Between meal planning, creating a packing list, booking a cat sitter and shopping Amazon for a new swimsuit, it's important to add "create a budget" to your to-do list. Sure, it's not the MOST exciting part... View the full post »

Spectacular UPDATED Rentals in Sunset Beach, NC!

We have a link on our website to find our new and updated rentals!  When you plan a beach vacation, you want to stay in the very best rental your budget allows. Finding recently updated rentals in Sunset Beach, NC is easy. These homes might have a completely upda... View the full post »

Day Tripping: A Lovely Day Out In Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC, is located about one hour from Sunset Beach.  That puts it in perfect range for a day trip! Wilmington is a quintessential southern town.  It's full of history and boasts a vibrant waterfront.  Home to many exciting events, delicious... View the full post »