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Where to Grab a Great Breakfast in Sunset Beach, NC

Mmmmm .... it's time for breakfast! There is something special about grabbing breakfast on vacation. The comforting clatter of dishes behind the counter, the delicious smells of bacon, pastries and coffee, and a wonderful, homey atmosphere all contribute to our lo... View the full post »

The Best Winter Activities to Try at the Beach

Winter is a super cool time to visit the beach! No, really! Not only are you saving tons of money on your Sunset Beach rental by visiting during the off-season, you are enjoying the beach in a whole new way. Here are 18 activities you can do when you visit Sunse... View the full post »

Cozy Winter Reads For Beach Lovers

Reading a good book on the beach is the best. But if it's a little chilly out, reading a book ABOUT the beach is the next best thing! Here is a list of books for beach lovers. Grab one from your local library or browse Amazon and transport yourself back to the sunny s... View the full post »

Plan Your 2022 Sunset Beach Vacation Around These Fun Events

The Brunswick Islands are home to so many fun events, festivals and opportunities to get out and about. Our neighboring towns of Ocean Isle Beach, Calabash and Wilmington are especially great to visit. In the hopes that everything will be back to "normal" for 2022, h... View the full post »

Beach Blog Roundup: Our Best Advice, Tips and Tricks!

We have gathered a list of some of our most helpful blogs to help you plan a great Sunset Beach vacation. We have included SO much information, like how to find the best Sunset Beach rentals, what to pack, how to meal plan, and what to do once you arrive in Sunset Be... View the full post »

Introducing MADD INLET - A New Novel Set in Sunset Beach, NC

Looking for a great beach read?  We are so excited to announce a brand new novel that takes place right here in Sunset Beach! "MADD INLET is Tim Swink’s new book to be published Spring 2022 (March 7) as a great 'Summer Read'. MA... View the full post »

Planning for Summer? Search for Sunset Beach Rentals NOW.

The weather outside is frightful, but planning a summer vacation is DELIGHTFUL. Now is the best time to book Sunset Beach rentals for your family and friends. Rentals are in plentiful supply, because... guess what? Most people wait way too long to think about summer ... View the full post »

Beach People Will Love These 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

For the last few years, Sunset Vacations has compiled a list of GREAT gift ideas for people who love the beach. There are so many options - from super practical (a new towel, sun hat, or beach bag) to just plain fun (a beach game, wine tumbler, or piece of home decor). H... View the full post »

8 Beach Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

Who doesn't love a great joke, pun, or rhyme? We like them even more if they are about the beach! Here are some fun beach jokes you can share with the family as you start thinking about your next Sunset Beach vacation. ... View the full post »

Here Is Why An Off Season Beach Vacation Rocks

What comes to mind when you think of the beach? If you only imagine burning hot sand and humid, sticky evenings, think again! The beach can be so much more than that, especially if you visit during the fall, winter or spring. Not only that, you will save a lot of money by... View the full post »

4 Beachy Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here. Even though we are definitely "beach people", we still love everything that comes with this time of year. Crisp air, beautiful decorations around town, and of course, our favorite comfort foods. Today we will share four recipes ... View the full post »

Fun Fall and Winter Events Happening in Sunset Beach - 2021

2021 is almost back to normal when it comes to events and happenings in and around Sunset Beach! We have compiled a list of some of the best events to attend if you happen to be in town. Don't have a Sunset Beach rental booked yet? We have plenty of availability ... View the full post »

5 of the Best Things to Do In Sunset Beach, NC

Do you have a Sunset Beach bucket list? Those things you love to do every time you visit? Maybe it's a favorite restaurant, or you have found a fun spot to explore by kayak. Over and over, our guests report that these five things are must-do's when they visit ... View the full post »

The Best Technology and Gadgets to Upgrade Your Beach Vacation

Don't worry. We aren't suggesting that you spend your entire Sunset Beach vacation immersed in your Instagram feed or watching endless YouTube videos. Today's blog will actually highlight some fun gadgets that will improve your beach experience, make your day ... View the full post »

Where to Score a Great Cup of Coffee in Sunset Beach, NC

Most people like to start their day with a great cup of coffee, and that is especially true on vacation! Even though it's supposed to be a time of relaxation, often we stay up later than usual, enjoy more activity during the day, and crave that morning pick-me-up more... View the full post »