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5 Easy Immunity Boosting Recipes the Family Will Love

You CAN boost your health by eating the right foods! After all, it’s estimated that 70 - 80% of our immune system is actually hosted in our GI tract. It’s a complicated relationship, but by nourishing your body with the correct nutrients, you can actually help you... View the full post »

We Bet You Didn't Know These Crazy Beach Facts!

You think you know a lot about the beach?   Sure, you vacation here every year. You know how to build a killer sandcastle. You know how to find ghost crabs. You don't panic when a clump of seaweed takes your leg hostage. But we bet there is actually a lo... View the full post »

Vacation At Home! 5 Ideas For When You Are Stuck In the House

Not on vacation? It's the worst, right?  Today we will give you five great ideas to make your time at home more fun, even if weather, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances stand in your way. 1. Drop some science O... View the full post »

Fast Facts About Waves and Tides

Have you ever wondered how waves are formed, what makes them stronger, or why the tide insists on ruining your perfectly built sand castle? We are going to explore some fun facts and trivia about waves and tides. It will make you look at the ocean in a whole new way!&n... View the full post »

Here Are The Most Kid Friendly Sunset Beach NC Rentals

Make your vacation actually feel like one by booking a home your kids will love!   If you are taking kids on vacation, you already know that it can be a little stressful. If you have babies under two years old, you might worry about steep stairs an... View the full post »

7 Reasons Traveling With Kids Is Actually Awesome

No, really!  Traveling as a family has so many tangible benefits. Although you may dream of the day you can take a much-deserved kid-free vacation, bringing the kids along benefits not only them... it's great for you, too. Today we will explore some of t... View the full post »

The Spectacular Sunset Beach Birding Trail

Sunset Beach is an official stop on the NC birding trail.  Did you know that North Carolina is home to over 440 bird species? And you can see many of them on your next Sunset Beach vacation! Sit on the deck of your Sunset Vacations rental home a... View the full post »

10 Thoughts You Had After Your Last Vacation

Think back to your last Sunset Beach vacation.  Your mind will flood with memories of the peaceful ocean, the comfortable vacation house, a great meal, a tasty bottle of wine, and watching the kids play with some ghost crabs they found under the pier. Now, o... View the full post »

Warm Up Your Winter With This Awesome Beach Playlist

Brrr! What's the weather like where you're sitting? Down here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, it's our coldest time of the year. January and February average daily lows around 36° (with highs near 60°). That being said, we are still able to look out at ... View the full post »

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool on Vacation

Best. Field trip. Ever.  Who needs pencils, paper and books when you have sun, sea creatures, and sand! When you take your homeschooling show on the road, you will find that not only are the kids more engaged in the "curriculum", but they are learning things... View the full post »

How Southern Are You? Test Your Knowledge.

Hey y'all! Today we are going to see just how much you know (or have learned) about our southern ways. Some of these words, foods, traditions, and expressions are regional, even across North Carolina. Others are very specific to our area, and mi... View the full post »

The Most Romantic Spots Around Sunset Beach, NC

The beach is always a great place for romance. Between the beautiful views, the calming landscape, and the vastness of the ocean, a vacation to the shore can give your relationship a boost. Here in Sunset Beach we have several spots that will enhance your romantic va... View the full post »

10 Fantastic Facts For Fans of the Sand!

Sand is a pretty big part of any beach vacation, but have you ever given it much thought? It really is fascinating that the sand all around you is simply broken down rocks and minerals, battered over the years by rain, wind, and waves. Have you ever looked at sa... View the full post »

The Only Blog You Need to Plan the Best Beach Vacation

Today, our goal is to gather all of our best vacation planning advice into one beautifully bookmarkable blog. Planning a vacation can be totally overwhelming. It seems so easy when you first say "hey, let's book a beach house this summer" but when it comes time to act... View the full post »

Beach Movies to Help You Cozy Up This Winter

Transport yourself back to the beach this winter.  The holidays are almost here, which means that you (hopefully) have a little down time coming your way. Maybe some family in town, and you are in need of a simple activity to allow everyone to decompress. How abo... View the full post »