Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Plan a Guys Getaway in Sunset Beach, NC

Guys need to get away, too. Whether you want to vacation with your brothers, college friends, or work buddies, Sunset Beach is actually a great place to do it. With the bigger city of Myrtle Beach just 40 minutes away, Sunset Beach offers your crew a peaceful place to han... View the full post »

The Ultimate Sunset Beach Word Search!

Want something fun to do while hanging out at your Sunset Beach, North Carolina vacation rental? Need to get the kids off their phones for a few minutes? Print off a few copies of this custom Sunset Beach Word Search! We have included all of the words that make us lo... View the full post »

Hey Parents! Do Not Forget These 5 Beach Safety Tips

A day at the beach should be stress-free, right?  But as any parent knows, the beach can be a dangerous place if you aren't paying attention. Today we are going to remind you of 5 things you need to remember while visiting the ocean. Have a great day, be safe... View the full post »

How to Pack the Perfect Beach Picnic

Doesn't a picnic on the beach sound lovely right about now?  Today we are going to share some do's and don'ts about how to pack the perfect picnic for the beach. We will start with what foods to pack and show you how to stack your items correctly in t... View the full post »

5 Reasons Sunset Beach Rentals Save You Money on Vacation

Taking a vacation can be a real budget-buster. After all, you need to think about travel costs, food, paying a pet sitter, taking time off work, getting the right gear for your trip, and of course, renting a place to stay. Today we will try to convince you that by renting... View the full post »

Dog Friendly Restaurants & Bars of Sunset Beach

Do you bring your dog on vacation to Sunset Beach?  If you do, you know that it can be hard to find a place where dogs are not only welcome, but encouraged! Luckily for you, Sunset Beach and the surrounding towns of Ocean Isle Beach and Calabash are very dog-frie... View the full post »

Three Reasons You Should Spring Over to Sunset Beach Now

Spring is an awesome time to visit Sunset Beach, NC! 🌼 Coastal flowers in bloom, a warm breeze over the ocean, and very few tourists. These are just a few of the reasons we love Sunset Beach in the spring! Shake off the winter blues and head our way. Here are three ... View the full post »

Sunset Beach Trivia Quiz - How Much Do You Know?

How much do you know about Sunset Beach?  Take this quick quiz to see how much you really know about your favorite vacation spot! Then, next time you are sitting around your Sunset Beach rental, you will have something interesting to share with your family. ... View the full post »

The Most Creative Beach House Names in Sunset Beach

What would you name your beach house? We love the creative, personal names our homeowners bestow upon their vacation rental homes. It's so exciting to embark on the adventure of owning a beach home of your very own, and one of the best parts is coming u... View the full post »

Where to Eat the Best Seafood in Sunset Beach, NC

Some of the BEST seafood restaurants in the country are located right here in Brunswick county!  That's right – if delicious, fresh seafood is on your bucket list during your next Sunset Beach vacation, this blog is for you. We are going to tell you about so... View the full post »

10 Ways to Get Active On Vacation

Don't let vacation ruin all your hard work.  Sure, you might indulge in an extra drink or two, and sneak a few of your kid's chips. But actually, a vacation is a great time to get (or stay) active, especially if your trip takes you to the beach. There are... View the full post »

Relax! Spas and Wellness Centers of Sunset Beach

The beach and relaxation go hand in hand!  Take your next Sunset Beach vacation to the next level by booking a spa day or beauty treatment as part of your itinerary. We always recommend planning out your list of things to do while you are visiting Sunset Beach, s... View the full post »

Ready For National Plan for Vacation Day? Start Here.

National Plan for Vacation Day is celebrated the last Tuesday of January!  Winter is actually the best time to plan a summer vacation. You can find the most selection and be more likely to actually get time off work when you need it! With National Plan For Vacati... View the full post »

Cool Sunset Beach Adventures to Try On Your Next Vacation

Sunset Beach is a great place to have a new adventure.  Don't get us wrong, vacation is ALSO the best time to just do nothing. We won't judge if you want to spend your vacation lying on the beach, scrolling Pinterest in the vacation rental, or reading a book... View the full post »

The Most Interesting and Beautiful Nature of Coastal North Carolina

Do you love to see unique nature when you visit a new place?  If you do, this blog is for you. How often do you visit a new state, country, or even a part of the woods you haven't explored before and found yourself amazed by the new things you find? Whether y... View the full post »