How To Best Have a Stress Free Vacation With Pre-Schoolers

Stress Free Vacation With Pre-Schoolers 





The salty sea breeze caresses you softly as you lie out on the soft sands during your beach vacation. Tendrils of steam from your cup of tea tickle your nostrils, making your imagination come alive. Seagulls call above you, making you long to soar above the sea that stretches in endless, rolling glory before you. You feel alive! Energetic! Able to conquer worlds and create unlimited beauty. 

Then a cry jolts you upright in your seat. It’s not the wild and longing cry of a seagull. Instead, it is the lonely and demanding cry of a toddler waking up from a nap. You find that you are not in a lounge chair on some breezy beach but rather that you had passed out on your bed from shear exhaustion. While you drag yourself to your child’s room to help them wake up, you long for a vacation. You even have the time to take one, but you fear that it just won’t be a true vacation since you still have to take care of a high-maintenance toddler. 

Well, guess what?! We are here to show you just how you can have a much-needed, rejuvenating vacation with pre-schoolers. Here are 5 steps for you to have a fun and easy vacation with pre-schoolers, no matter how hectic your life at home might be right now.

Take a Vacation at the Beach

The easiest way to take a vacation with pre-schoolers is to go to a relaxed, casual, child-friendly location. Which is what makes a beach vacation so perfect for families with young children! Children (and their parents!) find the rhythmic crashing of the waves to be soothing. (And don't we all seek out anything that will soothe our high-energy children?!) And since the main attraction of a beach vacation is, well, the beach, you will be drawn outside with your sweet pre-schoolers. The breezy beach atmosphere will absorb the noise of your children, helping you to enjoy their liveliness rather than be stressed by their noise level. 

Pre-Schooler Boy at the Beach 

Give Yourself the Gift of a Rental Home

Another tip to help you have a fabulous beach vacation with pre-schoolers is to give yourself the gift of space that a rental home provides for you. And what a gift simple space is! Space absorbs noise when your pre-schooler is at their loudest, gives you room to find a quiet corner alone if you need, and also absorbs the unavoidable mess that comes with a toddler! When you provide yourself with a rental home while on your beach vacation, you also give you and your family the gift of peace, because along with space for your toddler to roam safely comes peace for you.

Come Prepared

One of the biggest keys to doing anything successfully with a toddler is preparation. From the simplest grocery store trip to the most involved vacation or visit to the inlaws, preparation is what helps these events to go off without a hitch when you have a toddler. As parents of young children, you know the kind of preparation we are talking about: making sure their favorite snacks are available to them for snack time or if you think you will be out and about during a normal meal time, verbally running over and over what you are expecting of your child so that they don’t have a trying situation sprung on them, and bringing along toys and distractions for them so that you can help them prolong their patience. 

Pre-Schooler Girl at the Beach 

Come with Backup 

Ah, yes: backup! It was essential in the wild, wild west, and it is essential to parents, too! By backup, of course, we are referring to family and friends. Don’t try to attempt a vacation on your own, if you can help it! Bring your parents, your in-laws, or some kid-loving friends along with you. It helps you to relax and unwind when there is someone else to jump up and get the hidden princess ball or read that favorite book. 

Just Relax Yourself

This is perhaps the simplest and yet the hardest step to a successfully rejuvenating vacation with preschoolers. It is simple because, well, we all know how to relax. And relaxing doesn’t require much. However, when you have a energetic toddler constantly demanding things from you, we know it can be quite the challenge to relax. However, children sense the mood that you are in - they pick up how you are feeling and mirror your emotions. Which means that to help your children relax, you need to relax yourself! This is just another reason why a beach vacation is perfect for families with toddlers! For who isn’t soothed by the ocean?

You desperately need a vacation as you raise your loud and always-busy little ones! Here in Sunset Beach, we provide you with the family-friendly rejuvenation that you require. Check out our beautiful vacation listings right here, and book your vacation with us today. After all, a rested parent is a good and happy parent. 


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