Make Beach Vibes Last with These 10 Simple Strategies

Make Beach Vibes Last with These 10 Simple Strategies | Sunset Vacations

Back to school. Back to work. Back to reality.

The only real problem with booking a vacation on Sunset Beach is going home!

We feel the same way, so we sat around brainstorming ways to keep that beach vibe going, even after the sun has set on your vacation.

summer playlist | Sunset Vacations     
1.  Did you make an awesome playlist to enjoy at the vacation rental?  Don’t come home and just listen to NPR News… cue up that summer vibe playlist and sing along! 

Extra points if you embarrass your kids.

beach scented candle | Sunset Vacations

2.  Similar to music, scents are powerfully attached to memories. The scent of your sunscreen or a fruity drink will whisk you back to the beach in no time! 

Try pineapple scented candles or coconut lotion.

summer cocktails | Sunset Vacations     3.  Speaking of fruity drinks, we won’t judge if you want to indulge in a sweet beverage that reminds you of those hot summer nights on Sunset Beach. 

Here is a fun list from Huff Po. A summery drink goes perfect with…

fire pit | Sunset Vacations     4.  ...a toasty fire pit or bonfire! Fall nights are still warm enough to enjoy a cool beverage but can get chilly once the sun goes down. 

We love to fire up “the pit” and gather for marshmallows between rounds of corn hole. 

If you don’t have a firepit at home you might find a local bar or pub with an outdoor area that offers the same cozy atmosphere.

tanning | Sunset Vacations

5.  As your summer glow fades you might feel your beach vibe dissolving as well. Have you ever tried a custom spray tan or used a bottled tanning lotion? 

Modern formulas can be used every day and the color builds gradually. Try one to maintain your summer shimmer. 

Alternatively, a custom spray tan usually costs around $25 and is great option that lasts about a week. 

Just resist wearing a bikini to work.  :)

beach hair | Sunset Vacations     6.  Going back to work doesn’t mean you have to straighten your hair every morning or blow dry into a perfect, serious helmet of misery! 

This summer we wrote about beach hair ideas to try during your vacation, and honestly, most of them would work once you get home, too! 

A wavy, air-dried style or a soft side ponytail can still look super professional and save you time as well.

woman hanging photo | Sunset Vacations     7.  You probably took some stunning photos of your vacation. Print your favorite photo onto a canvas (there are some great deals out there so this is super affordable). 

Perhaps you collected some beach treasures and used them to create a memorable craft

Keep a part of your well-earned vacation in view to remind you that life is fun (even when dishes and paperwork are staring you down).

picnic by a lake | Sunset Vacations

8.  Have you ever vacationed in your own town? “Staycations” have become popular in recent years because really, most people don’t take advantage of the fun their own city has to offer. 

Keep your vacation vibe going strong this fall by bringing a picnic to a local lake or river. Try playing miniature golf or visit a nearby winery. 

Follow your town’s Facebook page and visit their website (search “Things to Do”). Learn about local history by taking a guided tour or discover a secret fishing spot right in your own backyard. 

Oh, and go out for ice cream. Always go out for ice cream.

sunset beach vacation home | Sunset Vacations     9.  Vacation Rentals are available all year long and you can get a screaming deal by booking on the off-season. 

A fall or winter trip will open your eyes to a whole new style of beach vacation. 

Beachcombers love this time of year because there are fewer tourists grabbing the goods. 

Also, fall storms deposit the ocean’s bounty onto the shore with stunning regularity.

woman enjoying sunshine | Sunset Vacations

10.  Our number one tip for keeping your vacation vibe alive this fall is this:  Go outside! Get sunshine and fresh air! Vitamin D deficiency is a thing (there are more than 3 million cases each year). It’s too easy to revert to our normal lives... behind computers or poring over homework and bills. A quick walk or bike ride after work can do wonders to beat the back-to-reality blues.

It’s totally within reach to keep your beach vibes going strong into the fall and even winter by trying a few of our ideas above.


How do you make beach vibes last after your Sunset Beach vacation?

Leave us a comment with your best ideas!

Make Beach Vibes Last with These 10 Simple Strategies | Sunset Vacations

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