Sunset Beach Island History

Beautiful Beaches in North Carolina

Sunset Beach, formally known as Bald Beach, is the southern most island in North Carolina. The island was purchased in 1955 by Mannon C. Gore from the Brooks family, which dates it's ownership back to the 1700's. Mannon Gore, a farmer by trade, possessed vast skills in the bridge building and dredging business. Using these skills, Mr. Gore began his vision of Sunset Beach by designing and building the causeway and the first pontoon swing bridge onto the island. Mr. Gore also built the original Vesta Pier on the island named after a civil war blockade runner that now rests buried in the sand beside the present Sunset Beach pier. Property sales began in 1958 and Sunset Beach has grown in every way since. To aid Mannon Gore, his son Edward M. Gore, Sr. joined the business in the late 1950's. Together they successfully developed and shaped the island into what the island is today. As the amazing island's beaches grow in size, we continue to maintain the easy feeling of yesterdays when times were simpler. This family tradition lives on today through Mannon C. Gore's grandson Gregory S. Gore in the form of Century 21 Sunset Realty and Sunset Vacations. Century 21 Sunset Realty presently carries over 150 years of experience associated with general real estate and island property ownership. Sunset Vacations currently manages over 275 vacation homes and the experienced staff is available to assist you in planning your vacation on the quaint, quiet island of Sunset Beach, NC.