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Grown Up Stuff to Do Near Sunset Beach, NC

Adults only!  Are you headed to Sunset Beach with your significant other? Or maybe you rented a beach house with a fantastic group of fun friends? Perhaps you have the kids in tow, but you made the intelligent decision to bring Grandma or an older teenager along ... View the full post »

How to Set Up Your Beach Canopy Like a Pro

Cabana. This simple word evokes indulgent images of cool ocean breezes, frosty drinks and sandy toes digging for the cold sand underneath the hot surface. Perhaps some chilled grapes and soft music to accompany your relaxing beach day in the shade. But wait.... caban... View the full post »

Dine and Drink Like a Local: Our Favorite Picks!

This blog was updated January 2022 for content and accuracy.  The best part of vacation is the opportunity to dine at delicious, local restaurants. The areas around Sunset Beach, NC sure do deliver! Our crew at Sunset Vacations wants to tell ... View the full post »

Historical Local Lore - Ghosts, Pirates and More!

Ghosts abound in the Brunswick Islands, even if you aren't visiting on Halloween! The beaches and towns in and around Sunset Beach, North Carolina have seen their share of bloodshed, wars, sunken ships, pirates battling for booty, murders and lost treasure. This histo... View the full post »