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4th of July Traditions That Will Make the Beach Even Better

How does your family celebrate the 4th of July? If you're like many Americans, there are probably certain things that you all look forward to doing on this national holiday. Maybe there's a parade that you never miss participating in, or a movie that you and your f... View the full post »

Fun Activities To Do in the Sand

Although we may not always want to admit it, sometimes our days at the beach include stretches of "Now what?" and "Mom, I'm bored!" We understand. We've been there. When the kids are all surfed out and the snacks are running low, use this list of active ideas to re... View the full post »

How To Build Your Perfect Summer Playlist

Playlist Frame of MindThere’s something special about the moment that your favorite song starts playing. Whether you’re in the grocery store or at the orthodontist, it’s as if any immediate irritations around you shrink away for those few stolen moments, and all the g... View the full post »

Kids Love Kabobs! Fun and Easy Recipes That Will Make Your Kids Happy

What is a recipe really other than a collection of ingredients that results in a dish that you and your family wants to eat? Feeding kids when you're on vacation can be a challenge, since they sometimes prefer a small selection of food groups or combinations. In t... View the full post »