Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

10 Fantastic Facts For Fans of the Sand!

Sand is a pretty big part of any beach vacation, but have you ever given it much thought? It really is fascinating that the sand all around you is simply broken down rocks and minerals, battered over the years by rain, wind, and waves. Have you ever looked at sa... View the full post »

The Most Romantic Spots Around Sunset Beach, NC

The beach is always a great place for romance. Between the beautiful views, the calming landscape, and the vastness of the ocean, a vacation to the shore can give your relationship a boost. Here in Sunset Beach we have several spots that will enhance your romantic va... View the full post »

How Southern Are You? Test Your Knowledge.

(This blog was updated on August 29, 2022)Hey y'all! Today we are going to see just how much you know (or have learned) about our southern ways. Some of these words, foods, traditions, and expressions are regional, even across North Carolina. Ot... View the full post »

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool on Vacation

Best. Field trip. Ever.  Who needs pencils, paper and books when you have sun, sea creatures, and sand! When you take your homeschooling show on the road, you will find that not only are the kids more engaged in the "curriculum", but they are learning things... View the full post »