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Fun Beach Crafts Help Days Go Fast!

Bring the beach home with easy, fun crafts anyone can do.  Stick this blog in your back pocket when you are looking to pass time with your little ones. They will love working with simple materials, working on their fine motor skills, and spending time with you. I... View the full post »

5 Easy Immunity Boosting Recipes the Family Will Love

You CAN boost your health by eating the right foods! After all, it’s estimated that 70 - 80% of our immune system is actually hosted in our GI tract. It’s a complicated relationship, but by nourishing your body with the correct nutrients, you can actually help you... View the full post »

Seashell Facts That Will Impress Your Curious Kids

When you vacation at Disney, you bring home a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. When you take a trip to New York City, you remember the trip with an ‘I Love NY” t-shirt. But what about a holiday at the beach? You collect seashells! Free and ripe for the picking, ou... View the full post »

Try These 4 Beach Themed Recipes and Smile!

Cooking is a fun way to pass the time!  And if you love the beach, you will love these adorable recipes we found for a simple beach-themed meal at home. Every one of them is kid-tested and kid-approved, and most are simple enough for children to help assemble.&nb... View the full post »