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10 Inspired Quotes to Fuel Your Beautiful Beach Obsession

  ** This post was updated on September 30, 2019 ** Ah, the beach! It’s such a beautiful thing! No matter how long we are away from it we feel right at home as soon as we get back. Everyone has this adoration for the beach, including famous writers, actors, historical fig... View the full post »

How to Have a Classy Vacation in Sunset Beach

  The breeze whipping around you, cooling you off with its soft caress. Gorgeous scenery spreads out before you, giving your tired eyes some much needed rest. Your concentration, though, is on a far distant point in front of you. No, you aren’t on the prow of some sailing ship out of the f... View the full post »

10 Beautiful and Special Shells to Seek When Shelling

  The sand squishes between your toes. Soft yet steady waves tug at your feet, making you both want to linger in the surf and run away down the hard packed beach. Then you feel a little poke - just a little prick - on your big toe. You bend down and tug at the offender barely peeking out of th... View the full post »

1 Simple and Delicious Way to Keep Cool This Beautiful Summer

  Sunshine pouring over your head, warming you inside and out. Soothing waves washing over all your senses, sending you into a sweet state of serenity. You are perfectly happy…and hot! It is summer after all. And everywhere gets hot, even the most perfect of places such as Sunset Beach.&nb... View the full post »

How to Soak Up the Most Rejuvenation This Beautiful Summer

Are you longing for laughter? Snarky humor? To become friends with someone who has a crazy sense of adventure, is constantly landing neck-deep in crazy situations, and is rescued in even more crazy ways? Don’t fret! This is completely possible! With a delicious beach read.  That’s... View the full post »