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The Best Dessert to Woo Your Love This Valentines Day

Are you looking for the perfect Valentines Day dessert? One that is romantic. Delicious. Easy to make. And even healthy for you? (Did you know that with a few tweaks, dessert can be healthy for you…AND whole 30 or other diet compliant?!) Of course you are looking for such a dessert... View the full post »

10 Amazing and Beautiful Spring Fashion Items You Have to Have

  Are you ready for spring?! We are here in Sunset Beach! The brilliant sunny weather that is coming our way now, along with the delicate new rainbow-colored blooms, are making us long to break out a new and fashionable spring wardrobe!  Here are 10 pieces you need to have in your wardr... View the full post »

10 Beach Quotes That Will Transport You to Magical Bliss

The soft touch of sand tickling the bottom of your feet. Salt water breeze gently ruffling your hair and giving it a natural mermaid wave. A rhythmic ebbing and flowing of the surf soothing you into sweet serenity.   A trip to the ocean is magical. It brings you peace, relaxation... View the full post »