Ready For National Plan for Vacation Day? Start Here.

Ready For National Plan for Vacation Day? Start Here.

National Plan for Vacation Day is celebrated the last Tuesday of January! 

Winter is actually the best time to plan a summer vacation. You can find the most selection and be more likely to actually get time off work when you need it! With National Plan For Vacation day on the horizon, we are feeling inspired to share the simple steps you need to plan YOUR next vacation.  

Vacation Planning Guide

There are so many steps involved when you plan a vacation! We are going to break these steps down into several simple steps to help you get your head around what you need to do, think about, pack, and decide as your vacation plan comes together. 

Sunset Beach NC | Sunset Vacations

Decide on your location

May we suggest Sunset Beach, North Carolina? Quiet, safe, affordable and absolutely beautiful - it checks all the boxes. 

Choose your dates

This might be the hardest part! Find a time that kids are off school (or bring the laptops with you!). Traveling with others? Start planning early. 

Take time off work

Vacation makes you a better employee. It's science. 

But seriously, get those days submitted before your coworkers do! 

Kayak North Carolina | Sunset Vacations

Look for a place to stay

Did you know that vacation rentals are WAY better than hotels? Start looking for a place to stay, and do it early! 

Find stuff to do

Start researching activities, bars, restaurants, parks and more BEFORE your trip, and sketch out a quick itinerary. Your future self will thank you!

Meal Plan

Food is so important on vacation. This blog will help you think through how much to bring, how much to buy at your destination, and help you budget: How to Meal Plan For Your Vacation In 4 Easy Steps

Pack For Beach Vacation | Sunset Vacations

Buy or borrow the stuff you need

If you are going on a ski trip, you need some snow pants! Going to the beach? Get yourself a cute sun hat and some beach toys for the kids, stat!  

Hire a pet sitter

Some vacation rentals are pet-friendly, but if you are not bringing your babies on your trip, start arranging their care. 

Make your packing lists

This blog helps you think through everything you need: How to Pack Your Bags for a Vacation Rental Stay. It also has links to other packing blogs, like how to pack a cooler, beach bag and more. 

Complete These Tasks Before Vacation | Sunset Vacations

Complete last minute tasks

Sometimes that last week or so before vacation is the most stressful! After all, you have done a lot of planning, but making it all come together to actually leave the house can be tricky. 

Take a quick look at this list of last minute tasks to complete before you go on vacation. 

So, do you feel ready to plan your vacation? National Plan For Vacation Day is next week .... celebrate this "holiday" by booking a trip to Sunset Beach, North Carolina! We would love to see you. 

Ready For National Plan for Vacation Day? Start Here.

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