7 Reasons Traveling With Kids Is Actually Awesome

7 Reasons Traveling With Kids Is Actually Awesome

No, really! 

Traveling as a family has so many tangible benefits. Although you may dream of the day you can take a much-deserved kid-free vacation, bringing the kids along benefits not only them... it's great for you, too. 

Today we will explore some of the reasons traveling with kids is actually awesome, especially to a family-friendly destination like Sunset Beach, NC. 

1. There are teaching moments ... everywhere. 

You might be surprised to learn that your kids will learn even more on vacation than they could in a day of school. It may not be how to divide fractions or how to write a persuasive essay, but there is something to learn around every corner. 

Kids always have a lot of questions. At least on vacation, you are in a position to answer some really interesting ones! Why do sharks lose so many teeth? What is sand made of? Is a jellyfish really made of jelly? What's the best way to build a sandcastle? Can we go out for ice cream? 

Ok, that last one isn't really about learning, but you get the idea. Vacation is a great time for kids to learn in a low-stress, fun environment (which is where we learn best!). 

2. You see the world through their eyes. 

Nothing is more magical than a child seeing the ocean for the first time! And you get to be there to witness that moment, from the first time the ocean hits her toes to the adorable expression on her face when she finds a beautiful shell or shark tooth. 

Travel allows you to experience new tastes, sights, and sounds, whether you are visiting a foreign country (and really going out of your comfort zone) or just taking a simple trip to the beach.

Both types of travel offer the chance to introduce your child to something new, and you will appreciate the beauty of a seashell as if you are a child again, too. 

kids playing in the ocean | Sunset Vacations

3. Travel promotes self-confidence in children.  

Kids can sometimes show their best self when away from home! Have you ever noticed that your child is actually better behaved when you are out and about than when you are home? 

Allow your kid to shine while you are on vacation by allowing him to order for himself at the restaurant. Let him ask questions while you are visiting the Museum of Coastal Carolina. Ask him to help you run a load of laundry at the vacation rental. Show him how brave he can be while learning to boogie board. Taking a trip is a great way to let your child try new things and gain confidence in himself! 

4. Breaking routine is great for child development. 

You may have observed that your child makes developmental leaps when you are slightly out of routine. Maybe your baby learned to crawl over Christmas vacation, when you were all home a little bit more. Or perhaps your five year old started learning to read fluently when you had time to work with her over summer break. 

Well, vacation can serve the same function! When you are out of your regular routine, home, and life, your child's brain is on fire! So many new things to see and experience... everything is on overdrive. This can lead to exciting new developments, both cognitively and physically. On your next vacation, try new things and see what happens! 

5. You have an excuse to act like a kid.  

Having a kid means you can do stuff you normally wouldn't because your kid needs you to show her how! Or, you are just doing it because your kid wants you to! Some activities that come to mind include jumping in the waves, miniature golf, petting zoos, decorating cookies, playing video games, and doing arts and crafts. 

While you are on vacation, go ahead and follow your child's lead. Play in the waves. Build a sandcastle. Try that boogie board. 

family jumping in the waves together | Sunset Vacations

6. You will see your kids in a new light (and they will see the same in you). 

You just LOOK different on vacation. You are hanging out in a different house. Eating new foods. Staying up late. Trying new activities. Not going to work, or school, or worrying about getting to soccer practice. Vacation changes the entire family vibe! You will start to see your kids in a new way, as they explore the beach or play with their siblings. 

They will see you differently, too... no longer just the mom who drives them all over town, or as the dad who tells them to pick up their shoes (although you will still have to say that on vacation... nothing we can do about that). 

You are now the totally fun parents who brought them on an amazing vacation. They will be surprised when they see you try kayaking right along with them. They will love seeing you relax with an ice cream cone and let them stay up late. Vacation changes everything. 

7. You will grow stronger as a family. 

The memories made on vacation create and solidify bonds that feel intangible in the moment,  but over time, they create strength in your family that can be felt for years to come. Shared experiences can help build positive associations and memories that your children will remember for the rest of their life. You can help strengthen this bond by taking plenty of photos, videos, and even by journaling your trip together. 

Siblings who don't always get along at home will often come together on vacation. Sure, they will bicker and fight in the car on the way. And yes, they will argue about who gets the top bunk in the vacation rental. But on vacation, the only friends they have are you and their siblings. They will come together as reluctant friends and might even have some fun together on your trip. Memories will be made. Jokes will be remembered for years. Family vacations are a great way to help your family grow stronger. 

We hope you are convinced that traveling with kids is actually awesome! Especially to a family friendly location like Sunset Beach, North Carolina. We have everything you need to create fun memories with your kids, from really gorgeous vacation rentals to budget-friendly activities both on and off the beach. 

7 Reasons Traveling With Kids Is Actually Awesome

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