Great Gifts For Beach People!

Great Gifts For Beach People

Buying a gift for a beach person is easy. After all, the beach is a pretty popular obsession, therefore, there are plenty of things your beach lover will adore! Whether you are looking for a practical gift or just something pretty that reminds your friend of their favorite place, this blog is for you. 

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Happy shopping! 

Beach Glitter Wine Glass | Sunset Vacations

Beach Glitter Wine Glass

Each of these wine glasses is made by hand and no two are alike! They are just beautiful and make a great gift. 

This Etsy shop also makes glitter water bottles using the same process. She will also personalize your glass at no extra charge. 

Turkish Towels | Sunset Vacations

Turkish Towels

Great for the beach, but also perfect on the couch at home, every day. 

Beach Dog Collar | Sunset Vacations

Beach Themed Dog Collar 

Many beach people are also dog people. Get a pretty new collar for the pooch in your life.  

Beach Sand Spiker for Drinks | Sunset Vacations

Sand Spiker

Pop these into the sand to hold your drink, cell phone, keys or sunscreen. Can be personalized for your whole group! Lightweight and colorful. 

Canopy Sun Shelter | Sunset Vacations

Sun Shelter

A beach tent is a cool spot for kids, for you, or even just your stuff (cooler, food). It does double duty during kids' sports seasons, too! 

A Kite

Inexpensive and fun, a kite is a great gift for the young at heart. Super effective on a breezy beach! 

Beach Bum Hat | Sunset Vacations

Trucker Hat 

We are loving this distressed trucker hat that describes who you really are - a beach bum! 

Another gift option would be a wide brimmed sun hat. Hats are must-have beach gear! 

Beach Bag | Sunset Vacations

Sand Sifting Beach Bag

Inexpensive, lightweight and washable - this is the perfect beach bag. Fill it with necessities (like sunglasses and a towel) for bonus points. 

Beach Ornament | Sunset Vacations

Beach Themed Ornament

A quick search will net you hundreds of options if you are looking for a beach themed holiday ornament. We love these cute little Adirondack chairs from Etsy! 

If you love the beach and you love Christmas, you have GOT to check out the St. Nick Nacks Christmas Shop in Calabash. It's part of Callahan's, which is another fantastic spot to look for gifts. 

Beach Gift Ideas | Sunset Vacations

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And if you happen to be visiting Sunset Beach, try shopping here! We love when our visitors stop by and support our local economy. Here are some stores to get you started. The Best Shopping on the Brunswick Islands Starts Here

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Great Gifts For Beach People

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