Packing the Perfect Beach Bag in 5 Easy Steps

Packing the Perfect Beach Bag in 5 Easy Steps | Sunset Vacations

Packing for a day at the beach is easy! After all, the beach provides non-stop fun with its rolling waves, sensory sand, and beautiful seashells to discover. Your beach bag should be functional, easy to carry, and simple to clean. When your home base is a Sunset Beach vacation rental, you already have the perfect launching point for a no-worries day in the sun. Here are the five steps you need to complete before you head out for the day: 

1: Find the right beach bag for you.

There are obviously a million options out there. Some people really like a classic, large canvas bag that can hold everything but the kitchen sink! Others prefer a super lightweight mesh bag that carries your stuff but allows sand to fall back out and wet suits and towels to dry off. Some beach bags have attached coolers which are super convenient if you only need to bring a few cold foods and drinks. A backpack is another great choice, especially if you have little ones and need a free hand (or four!). 

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2:  Prepare drinks and snacks

Your snack and drink quantities will depend on how many hours you plan to spend on the beach. We like to freeze one reusable water bottle per person (leave a little space on top for non-frozen water before you leave the house). Then you can use them as ice packs. Next, prepare easy-to-eat snacks for your day. Try cut up fruit, crackers, chips, sandwiches, frozen yogurt tubes, nuts and veggies. Don’t forget to pack a plastic or mesh bag to use as a trash bag… keep the beach clean! 

3:  Choose your preferred sun protection

You already know that sunscreen is an absolute must, even if you are visiting Sunset Beach on the off season. The sun’s harmful rays accumulate over time and it’s important to prevent too much exposure. You definitely want to apply sunscreen before leaving the house because it’s much easier to do at the vacation rental, but if you are staying on the beach for more than two hours you should reapply. We also recommend packing some sort of physical sun barrier in addition to your lotions and sprays. This could be in the form of a sun hat, coverup, umbrella, or tent. Don’t forget your sunglasses! 

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4:  Gather the essentials and start packing

This will vary depending on your personal preferences and how much your group can carry! If you have little ones, odds are you are carrying a LOT (and that the kids aren’t helping). Here is our simple list of beach bag essentials: 

Beach Bag Checklist

☀️  Towels - Try microfiber! They are thinner and dry more quickly. Plus, sand shakes right off.

☀️  Hair Care - Bring some leave-in conditioner, a brush, and some hair ties. 

☀️  Wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer, first aid essentials

☀️  Mesh bags - For shelling, gathering trash, and stashing wet towels

☀️  Life jackets - Little ones can wear these to the beach, saving you space

☀️  Beach toys - Don't bring too many. These add bulk QUICK. A shovel and pail should do it! 

☀️  Something to sit on - A sheet, beach mat or towel do the trick. Bring chairs if you must. 

☀️  Diversions -  Reading material, bluetooth speaker, frisbee, or squirt guns

5:  Unpacking

Yes, this is a step to "packing the perfect beach bag"! Because what must be packed must also be unpacked. It's not fun, but do these things when you get back to your vacation rental each day (your future self will thank you). 

1. Dump out your beach bag (do this outside). Shake out all loose sand, trash and seashell treasures.

2. Shake out and hang up (or wash) towels, swimsuits, and sandy clothes.

3. Throw away trash.

4. Charge all devices, like bluetooth speakers, phones, and extra chargers 

5. Take inventory of your wet wipes, bandaids, and sunscreen. Replenish as necessary. 

6. Wash and refill your water bottles. Freeze for tomorrow. 

7. Start filling your beach bag for your next fun-filled day! 

We want your next trip to Sunset Beach to maximize fun and minimize stress. Don't overcomplicate your beach day. By packing just enough in your beach bag to make your day comfortable and safe, you will be able to focus on our main attraction: the beach. Have a wonderful trip! 

Packing the Perfect Beach Bag in 5 Easy Steps | Sunset Vacations

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