8 Reasons the Beach is the Best Choice for Your Vacation

8 Reasons the Beach is the Best Choice for Your Vacation | Sunset Vacations

Vacation means different things to different people. For some, it conjures up the image of a whirlwind European tour ... visiting prestigious museums, stumbling over the local language, and trying exotic new foods. Some prefer a rustic experience, like a camping getaway high in the mountains, far away from the digital world (and running water!). Still others might enjoy the sights and sounds of a bustling hub like New York City, where they can take in a Broadway show, eat gooey pizza, and enjoy some of the best people watching on Earth.

While all of those are awesome choices, we bet you can guess what our favorite type of vacation is. And odds are good, if you are reading this blog, you will make the same choice. Forget Europe, don't even joke about camping, and we aren't interested in a loud, chaotic city. You can find us on the beach.

8 reasons to choose the beach for your next vacation:  

All vacations are awesome. They help you bond with your travel companions, get you out of your rut, enhance creativity, and bring meaning to your life! But why is a beach vacation better than any other? 

Here are 8 reasons the beach beats other types of vacations, hands down. 

1.  You will get in touch with nature.  The beach is the best spot to reconnect with nature. From examining the tiniest little seashell to experiencing the vastness of the ocean, there is nothing quite like it. 

If you are visiting Sunset Beach, there are several options for enjoying nature at its finest. See our native species, the Venus Fly Trap, growing at the Green Swamp Preserve. Or learn more about our local wildlife at the Museum of Coastal Carolina

Learn more about our local wildlife here

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2.  Enjoy outdoor beach activities.  If you visit a campsite, you can fish, hike, or toss around a frisbee. If you choose a city vacation, you might find yourself doing a lot of walking around but probably not a sport in particular. But at the beach, the choices are endless. As we mentioned above, there are so many fun outdoor activities to try. From beach games to an extreme sport, Sunset Beach has you covered. This awesome blog will reveal various options for renting a jet ski, boat, kayak, or paddleboard. Or, just throw a line off the pier and fish! It's like camping...but you get to go home to an awesome vacation rental instead of a tent. 

3.  Free fun. Cities get expensive. Everything costs more, like food, tickets, and transportation. At the beach, it's super easy to enjoy a fabulous vacation on a budget. Once you have your accommodations in order, the rest can be done on the cheap! Here are some ideas for inexpensive activities on and around Sunset Beach. And don't forget to do some meal planning to really keep costs down. Of course, the sand and sun are free, so make sure you take full advantage of both. 

4.  Vitamin D is plentiful.  According to the Vitamin D Council, "Vitamin D is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection." Many Americans are actually Vitamin D deficient, which can lead to a host of problems. No wonder people return from a beach vacation feeling healthy and refreshed. Vitamin D is absorbed directly through the skin from our plentiful sunlight. Sunscreen is still a must, but spending time in a sunny location like Sunset Beach is wonderful for your health and well-being. 

5.  Vacation rentals make life easy. When you say the words "beach house" out loud, don't you just get an amazing feeling? Imagine outstanding views, the sound of seagulls, and easy access to the shore or town. But it's the more practical stuff about a vacation rental that has us sold. Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room in a big city, or a cabin or tent while camping, your vacation rental will have a fully stocked kitchen, plenty of room for everyone in your group, and comfy couches for lounging after a fun day in the sun. Now THAT'S vacation. 

6.  It's chill. Flip flops, sundresses, and play clothes are usually all that is required, so you can leave the high heels behind. You will be staying in a well-appointed home that usually includes a washer and dryer, TV and kitchen, so you have all the creature comforts. Your time here is casually spent without a hurried itinerary. Also, beach towns are usually filled with adorable and unique little stores, yummy ice cream shops and quiet streets... nothing like the chaos of a big city. Sunset Beach is safe, warm and welcoming. You can really relax here. 

7.  Awesome food. Vacation is the best time to expand your palate and try new things. Since Sunset Beach is located between two vibrant cities (Wilmington and Myrtle Beach), you will find some really top-notch restaurants around here. And don't discount our Sunset Beach restaurants! If you love fresh seafood prepared in new and creative ways, you came to the right place. Do some meal planning, research a few restaurants to try, and enjoy awesome food on your next beach vacation. 

8.  Stars and sunsets. There is no place like the beach for stargazing! Our evenings are peaceful and quiet, without the harsh lights of a big city. Here, you can really see the stars and appreciate the vastness of the ocean and sky before you. What a great way to get some perspective! And of course, Sunset Beach is the perfect place to watch the sun set each night.... it's not called Sunset Beach for nothing. 

The benefits of taking a vacation: 

We have talked in the past about the importance of taking a vacation for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Here is a quick recap of the 7 benefits of taking a vacation (any type!): 

Time to bond with family. Sometimes we have to actively set aside time to spend with our family (or friends). A time when we are completely devoted to them and away from the responsibilities of home and work. A vacation is the best time to do just that. 

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See your family in a new light. You know the drill at home:  Get up. Tell kids to brush teeth. Get out the door. Work. Come home. Eat dinner. Nag kids to do homework. Go to bed. Repeat. On vacation, you are finally able to break out of this tired routine and remind yourself how fun and awesome your family (and you) can actually be! Everyone can show their playful side, and you can let the rules go a bit. Well, you will still have to nag them to brush their teeth. 

Tons of health benefits. Reduced stress is the number one benefit of taking a vacation. While planning a vacation can be somewhat stressful (read our blog about how to simplify this process), once you are there, the fruits of your labors will be evident. Breathe in the salty air, enjoy the view from your vacation rental, and feel your heart rate lower by the minute. 

Learn something new. A vacation is a great time to break out of your routine and learn something new! If you are visiting a place that caters to tourists, you will be blown away by the options, whether it's a tour, museum, sport, meal, class, or even just a fun new game with your family ... vacation has you covered. 

Enhance creativity. You have probably heard that your brain can be stimulated by taking a new way to work. Or by walking in a different part of town. Imagine the benefits of visiting a whole new place!

Increase productivity at work. By enhancing your creativity and reducing your stress level, a vacation can actually make you more productive once you return to work. That little bit of perspective goes a long way, and the benefits of your trip last long after your return to your cubicle. 

Brings meaning to your life. A wonderful, memory-making vacation can truly make your life more meaningful. It all starts with the wonderful tingle of anticipation as you plan for your trip. Some believe that this is the best part! Then, you visit your destination, take in new experiences, try different foods and hang out with those you love. It's so important to feel that you are actually "living"... not just going through the motions. 

Sunset Beach hits all the marks. 

You know you need to take a vacation. And now you understand why the beach is the best type of vacation to get maximum benefit! 

We want to go one step farther and convince you that Sunset Beach is actually the perfect place to bring it all together. 

North Carolina beach | Sunset Vacations

Here, you can really get a little bit of everything. Want to enjoy nature? Just step outside, or take it up a notch and visit one of our local nature preserves or parks. Need a little sightseeing or history to make your vacation feel complete? We have that, too! Pirates, wars, trade and development have all made their mark on the Brunswick Islands. Experience it all through a lighthouse tour, visit to a museum, or tour a famous battleship. See these and more ideas here

Sunset Beach can also offer more than any big city as far as awesome outdoor activities go. The choices are endless and there is something for every skill level. We have indoor stuff, too! If you are looking for more, just head down the road to Myrtle Beach. Your advantage is that you will be coming "home" to your quiet vacation rental here on Sunset Beach. 

We hope to see you on our sandy shores soon, enjoying all the things that make this corner of the earth unique. If you need help researching our vacation rental options, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help make your vacation dreams come true. 

what is your favorite type of vacation?  

Let us know in the comments: 

8 Reasons the Beach is the Best Choice for Your Vacation | Sunset Vacations

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