What Is a Bloom, Bed, or Pod? Interesting Sea Animal Group Names

What Is a Bloom, Bed, or Pod? Interesting Sea Animal Group Names

Look at that herd of jellyfish over there! Oh, wait.... 

... that's not quite right. Animals are super cool and the creatures of the sea are no exception! Some of them glow, others pack a powerful sting, and a few are – well – delicious (sorry, not sorry, shrimp 🍤). 

What animals did you see on your last Sunset Beach vacation? Depending on the time of year, you might be lucky enough to spot a whale passing by, a school of porpoises, or a tiny ghost crab peeking out of the sand. 

Today we are going to have some fun learning about the animals of the sea, and find out what they are called when found in a group. Or pod. Or cast. Or school. How many did you know already? 


A Fever of Stingrays | Sunset Vacations

Bed of Clams

Wreck of Sea Birds

Battery of Barracuda

Lap of Cod

Cast of Crabs

Fever of Stingrays

Flight of Heron 

A Purse of Sand Dollars | Sunset Vacations

School of Fish 

Pod of Lobsters

Pod of Pelicans

Consortium of Octopuses

Shiver of Sharks 

Audience of Squid

Purse of Sand Dollars

Pod of Porpoises | Sunset Vacations

Bed of Oysters

Bloom of Jellyfish 

Crowd of Porpoises

Pod of Dolphins 

Congregation of Alligators

Bale of Turtles

Herd of Whales

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What about a group of humans? 

After all, you are very likely to find a Family, Band, Crowd, Clan, or Tribe of Homo Sapiens frolicking on the shores of Sunset Beach, North Carolina. 

We have seen some pretty cool wildlife over the years, but our human visitors are some of our favorites. 

Family on the Beach | Sunset Vacations

If you are ready to start looking into your next Sunset Beach vacation, we would love to help you out. 

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What Is a Bloom, Bed, or Pod? Interesting Sea Animal Group Names

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