The Most Creative Beach House Names in Sunset Beach

The Most Creative Beach House Names in Sunset Beach

What would you name your beach house? 

We love the creative, personal names our homeowners bestow upon their vacation rental homes. It's so exciting to embark on the adventure of owning a beach home of your very own, and one of the best parts is coming up with a name!  

Some of the names are simple, while others seem like an inside joke only the owners will understand. Some names are able to conjure an image of the perfect beach cottage in your mind's eye. Naming a beach house is an important part of the experience! 

Today we will share a few of our favorites, and link you to their property listings in case you want to see more information.  All of these Sunset Beach rentals are managed by our team at Sunset Vacations. 

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This 4-bedroom home sleeps up to 10 people and is a decorator's dream! Completely renovated, everything is new and shiny and ready to welcome your family. This name is great not only for the fun use of the word "wave", but it makes you feel like you are really on vacation! 

Click here to view A Wave From It  All  👋  

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We love this name because it's funny. It tells you what to do. Also, it's a play on the word "inn". And, we love this property because it has cute, beach cottage style, is super affordable, and is located close to the bay and inlet. Quit Yer Crab Inn also offers great nightly rates on the off season. 

Click here to view Quit Yer Crab Inn  🦀

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You don't have to speak French to understand that Sea La Vie is a super cute name for a beach house! This 4-bedroom duplex is located right on the ocean so you will get the best spot on the beach every day. 

Click here to view Sea La Vie  😊  

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Isn't it cool how just a quick change in spelling gives you a great name for a beach house? Luckily, words like "sea" are easy to work with if you want a simple yet descriptive name. Fantasea has four bedrooms and is right on the beach! 

Click here to view Fantasea  ✨  

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One simple change takes you from Easy Does It, which would also be a great beach house name, to Breezy, which certainly describes a typical day on the water. This 4-bedroom is near the center of town! It features happy candy-inspired colors throughout – and plenty of space to chill. 

Click here to view Breezy Does It 💨  

beach quotes for beach house names

Some simple alliteration can go a long way to create a lovely name for a beach house. The word "sunset" is a no brainer. After all, we are in Sunset Beach. "Serenade" conjures up images of romantic evenings on the deck! This home has all that and more. Check it out on our website. 

Click here to view Sunset Serenade  🌅  

Tips for naming your beach house: 

☀️ Try a simple name. We have one rental called "Sunshine" and another called "Fun Filled". They certainly send the message!

☀️ Make it personal. Name it after a beloved grandmother, or heck, name it after your pup! Some people use their last name as inspiration. 

☀️ Get witty. Many of the names above are just a fun play on words. Think about words related to your location. For us, it's the beach, so you might start with words like sea, wave, breeze, crab, pelican, pier, sand or salt. Start brainstorming from there. 

☀️ Create a mood. Some words just evoke a certain vibe or mood. Think about how vacation makes you feel. Then, use those words to stitch together a name that works for you. Think about words like respite, relax, play, fun, rest, sun, breathe, inspire. 

☀️ Use an inside joke. After all, this is your home! Whether you choose to use your beach home just for your own family and friends or decide to rent it out to others to cover your costs, a great inside joke is a fun choice. One of our rental homes is called "Tell Your Sister You're Sorry". Yep - there is probably a funny story there! 

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