The Best East Coast Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

The Best East Coast Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Are you taking a road trip through North Carolina? 

There are certain signs, landmarks, restaurants, and animals you are sure to see! When these things start coming into view, you know you are close to your destination - Sunset Beach, North Carolina! 

Living here in Sunset Beach, we get used to seeing these things every day. But for people just passing through our state, it's fun to look out for the landmarks that remind us that our vacation is about to start. Below is a printable "East Coast" scavenger hunt that you can pass out to the kids (or use yourself) next time you head this way. 

Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to more fun road trip printables, all courtesy of your friends at Sunset Vacations. 

Happy travels! 

The Best East Coast Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Items to find include: Bojangles Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits  |  "Watch For Deer" sign  |  Pine Trees  |  Mini Golf Course  |  Azaleas  |  "Hurricane Evacuation Route" sign  |  Smithfield's BBQ Restaurant  |  Bait & Tackle Shop  |  Seagull  |  Fireworks Store  | Sea Turtle (in a logo, sign, mural, etc)  |  Golf Cart

Here are more printables for your vacation: 

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The Best East Coast Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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