4 Things to Skywatch From Sunset Beach This Summer

Sunsets aren’t the only amazing things you can watch at Sunset Beach this summer. When you plan a vacation at one of Sunset Beach’s vacation rentals, you get a huge variety of nature and natural events occurring around you. 

Science has proven that connecting with nature improves our well-being. We often feel better the more time we spend surrounded by it.

This summer, you can add any one of these four events to your bucket list and make your beach vacation both spectacular and healthy for your well-being by creating truly memorable experiences that stay with you throughout your lifetime. 

Since Sunset Beach is one of the prime locations for stargazing, why not plan to check out some of these events this summer?


This year, we will have four supermoons, the closest one being on July 13th. What makes this one special is that because it is closer to the earth at the time it is full, it will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022.

Some cultures refer to this as the “Buck Moon.” If you’d like to read more about supermoons and why they’re interesting, check out NASA's website to learn more.

4 Things You Can Skywatch From Sunset Beach This Summer | Sunset Vacations

The Delta Aquariids

4 Things You Can Skywatch From Sunset Beach This Summer | Sunset Vacations

Typically, the Delta Aquariids meteor shower is a southern hemisphere event that happens between July 18 – August 21. Under the right conditions, this meteor shower can still be seen from parts of the northern hemisphere like North Carolina.

This year, the new moon (when the moon is dark) will occur right around the same time as the Delta Aquariids making it quite possible to see this amazing meteor shower. 

Many seasoned sky watchers get excited for this event due to the intensity of these magical wonders blazing across the night sky. Maybe this summer you can be one of the lucky ones to witness this event!

Perseid Meteor Shower

The great thing about the Perseid meteor shower is that it happens at the end of every summer in August, making it an annual event. We get to enjoy its beauty year after year. 

However, viewing it from your backyard or a scenic point is not going to be as majestic as if you’re viewing it on the beach from your oceanfront Sunset Beach vacation rental.

These sorts of timeless events are what can truly make a vacation magical and why it’s worth adding to your vacation itinerary. This year the Perseid meteor shower will occur between mid-July to late August, so you have plenty of time to plan it into your trip.

If you’d like to learn more about one of the best meteor showers to watch, read more about it on Space.com

Jupiter at Opposition

On September 26th, Jupiter will reach what is called its “perigree.” What this means is that it is at its closest proximity with Earth. 

However, because it’s also at its opposition point with the Sun, like the supermoon, this causes Jupiter to look extra bright and big in the sky, which can look quite dazzling and makes it a ‘must see’ at the end of this summer.

4 Things You Can Skywatch From Sunset Beach This Summer | Sunset Vacations

Life is short. Be sure to include as much fun and nature into your life experiences as possible to make the most of it.

And if you’re looking to have an exceptional vacation this summer, consider checking out Sunset Vacation rentals. Bring your friends and family and take a break from the usual to do something that will really make you feel alive this summer!

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