We Bet You Didn't Know These Crazy Beach Facts!

We Bet You Didn't Know These Crazy Beach Facts!

You think you know a lot about the beach?  

Sure, you vacation here every year. You know how to build a killer sandcastle. You know how to find ghost crabs. You don't panic when a clump of seaweed takes your leg hostage. But we bet there is actually a lot about the beach (and ocean) you did NOT know. 

Share these fun beach facts with your family around the dinner table tonight, and get ready for vacation season to come back (which is hopefully very soon)! 

1. Our oceans hold up to 20 million pounds of gold.

Sure, it's super diluted (like, parts per trillion) but gold is gold, right? If only there were a way to collect it! (read more)

2. Sea Stars can regrow arms. 

How handy! Wait... they don't have hands. But if a sea star loses his arm for some reason, no worries. He will regenerate. 

3. Seashells dissolve in vinegar.  

Place a seashell in a glass of white vinegar. Smaller, thinner shells will dissolve more quickly. Shells are made of calcium carbonate, which is eaten away by the acidic vinegar! Read more in our blog: 

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4. 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean. 

And, 100% of the best beach vacation rentals are located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

5. The average temperature of the ocean's surface is 63 degrees. 

But....stay shallow if you don't want to freeze. The majority of the water in the ocean water hovers between 32 - 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr! (read more)

6. The Portuguese Man O' War can sting you when he's dead. 

Read more about the freaky creatures of the Atlantic in our blog: 

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7. Until 1937, it was illegal for men to go topless on American beaches.

And women used to wear very heavy, cumbersome swimming outfits made of flannel or wool. We sure have come a long way! Read more interesting facts about the history of swimwear here

8. Drinking sea water can kill you. 

Seawater contains a LOT of salt. And sure, humans can eat some salt (like on popcorn or sprinkled on a steak). In fact, we need salt for our bodies to function properly. But our kidneys can only handle so much salt at a time. If we ingest too much (like drinking seawater), we would need to urinate more water than we drank in order to get rid of it all. This would lead to dehydration, and eventually, death! Don't do it. (read more)

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The ocean is full of history and mystery, which is one of the many reasons humans have been drawn to the shore over the years. Your family chooses a beach vacation over any other (otherwise, you might not have found our fun blog). There is always something to learn whether you are studying the ocean from your couch or you are lucky enough to visit in person. 

Did you learn anything new today? Share with your friends! 

We Bet You Didn't Know These Crazy Beach Facts!

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