How to best Indulge in the Return of Springs Beach Wildlife

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of new wildlife. What better place to experience the wonders of nature then Sunset Beach Island in North Carolina. Sunset Beach is a beautiful seaside town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. It coincides with the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area. Making it one of the many tourist attractions of the Carolinas. 

Spring break is just around the corner, so what better time to take that family vacation. During your visit to Sunset Beach Island, there are many activities you and your family can do to enjoy the wonders of nature. Aside from a beautiful walk on the beach, there’s bird watching and nature hikes. You can also pay a visit to the Bird Island Reserve, as well as the Turtle Sanctuary in the town of Sunset Beach. 

Walk a Portion of the Birding Trail

The North Carolina Birding Trail has 6 locations in and around the town of Sunset Beach; on and off the mainland. As winter gives way to spring, a walk on the beach will allow you to see waterfowl such as loons, Horned Grebe, scoters, and Northern Gannet. Across the island, you can listen for Painted Bunting in the shrubbery as well as in the open areas of the landscape. There are many places throughout the island that consist of tidal Marsh habitats. This is where you can catch quite a view of the wood stroke anywhere from late spring, to mid-fall. 

On the mainland, the lakes will give you the perfect view of a daytime roost of the wood storks in the summer as well as the black-crowned night Herons. This is also the perfect place to see alligators as they lay sunning on the bank. 

Things you should keep in mind when walking birding trail, you should avoid climbing on any sand dunes, only park on the roadside where there is designated parking and avoid disturbing any nesting bird colonies. Sometimes the best way to get the perfect view of wildlife is from afar. For more information on the North Carolina Birding Trail at Sunset Beach Island, check out this pamphlet

Bring Your Camera to Capture Spring’s First Birds

When it comes to bird watching, you can be a beginner or an expert, either way, it is fun, relaxing and a beautiful way to capture nature at its finest. You don’t have to have the fanciest equipment or an expensive lens, you must understand how your camera works in different conditions. 

Things to keep in mind when photographing birds are:


The direction and quality of the light around you.


A good background of the picture you are taking.


A good position to capture the image.


An understanding of the bird and the way it behaves.

#5 And most importantly, lots and lots of patience.

You can have the best camera with the most expensive lens and still take a horrible photograph if you don’t keep these things in mind. Nothing should stand in your way of capturing a beautiful photograph of the birds of Sunset Beach Island. 

If you need more information on taking good photographs while bird watching, photography sites such as this can help greatly

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