Beach Movies to Help You Cozy Up This Winter

Beach Movies to Help You Cozy Up This Winter | Sunset Vacations

Transport yourself back to the beach this winter. 

The holidays are almost here, which means that you (hopefully) have a little down time coming your way. Maybe some family in town, and you are in need of a simple activity to allow everyone to decompress. How about a beach-related movie to warm your spirits? 

We have compiled a list of films we love. Films that remind us of fun vacations, sunny days and the majesty of the ocean. Choose your favorite, lay down a beach towel on your living room rug, grab some snacks and have a nice evening in! 

Moana | Sunset Vacations

Moana (PG)

The spunky main character is an inspiration to girls everywhere, and The Rock is hilarious as Maui, the heavily tattooed demigod who helps her along the way. The music is fantastic and the ocean plays a vital role in helping Moana save the day. 

The Little Mermaid | Sunset Vacations

The Little Mermaid (G)

Is Ariel the best role model? Maybe not. Teach your kids not to give up their entire family (and fins) for a guy they met once! That being said, the Little Mermaid is pretty darn entertaining, from the Jamaican crab to the seagull from Long Island... kids love it. 

Soul Surfer | Sunset Vacations

Soul Surfer (PG)

Based on the true story of a young surfer named Bethany, Soul Surfer explores her journey as she is attacked by a shark (watch out for younger viewers), her recovery, and her strength as she surfs again. Full of great messages about overcoming adversity. 

Teen Beach Movie | Sunset Vacations

Teen Beach Movies 1 & 2 (G)

Frothy, simple fun on the beach - full of catchy songs and dance routines that will get you in the mood for a beach party. No serious themes to stress out about here. You'll enjoy the nostalgic vibe of the music and costumes. 

Beaches | Sunset Vacations

Beaches (PG-13)

Two girls meet on a summer vacation. They are complete opposites, but become best friends anyway. Follow their story, laugh a little, cry a little, and enjoy the 1988 nostalgia on movie night. Better for older kids who can handle some sappiness. 

Castaway | Sunset Vacations

Cast Away (PG-13)

Have you ever imagined living on your own private island? Watch Tom Hanks live the dream! It's not as idyllic as it sounds, but he does have a lot of cool stuff wash up in lost FedEx packages so it's like a very weird Christmas... for months. 

Dear John | Sunset Vacations

Dear John (PG-13)

Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel (the author is from eastern North Carolina and all of his books are set here), Dear John takes place near Wilmington, NC and you will recognize the beauty of our own piece of the Atlantic Ocean (if you can take your eyes off Channing Tatum). 

Disneynature's Oceans | Sunset Vacations

Disneynature's Oceans (G)

This documentary should appeal to the entire family because it is beautifully filmed and will give you a true perspective of what goes on below the surface of the ocean. Your kids love the beach, and they will love learning about the ocean, too. 

Better yet? Come to Sunset Beach. 

Winter is a great time to visit Sunset Beach. Our vacation rentals are almost half the price they are during peak season, you can pretty much take your pick of rentals, and you will have the beach practically to yourself! Sure, you won't be able to swim or boogieboard, but the beach has a lot to offer even out of the water. Our sunsets are still stunning, our shops are mostly open, and the weather is mild. Take a quick peek at our Sunset Vacations rentals to see if your favorite is available. 

What's your favorite beach movie? 

Share it in the comments for a future blog post. 

Beach Movies to Help You Cozy Up This Winter | Sunset Vacations

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