12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach

12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach | Sunset Vacations

If you're heading to the beach this summer and looking for the perfect snacks, you'll love this blog! Whether you're an adult enjoying the sun-soaked afternoon or a kid building sandcastles, we've got you covered. We have a list of healthy, inexpensive, and super handy snacks you can easily pack at your vacation rental for your day at the beach.

#1. Frozen Grapes

Nature's very own candy, and grapes, make for a super refreshing snack. Freeze them overnight, and voila! You've got an icy, sweet treat rich in antioxidants and hydrating goodness. Plus, they're perfectly bite-sized for kids and adults alike!

#2. Popcorn

Popcorn is so easy to make and fun to eat that it is perfect for the beach. It's whole grain, high in fiber, and oh-so-satisfying! You can spice it up with your favorite seasonings - think chili, lime, or some nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor. Or, if you want to make it sweet, try a marshmallow popcorn recipe.

#3. Veggie Sticks & Hummus

Crunchy carrot sticks, crisp bell peppers, and creamy hummus? Yes, please! 

This combo is not just tasty; it's full of vitamins and minerals to keep your energy up all day. 

Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, and celery with your favorite dressing are also healthy snacks!

12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach | Sunset Vacations

#4. Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mixes are great because you can buy ingredients in bulk and make different mixes. Get creative! Mix your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and maybe a few dark chocolate chips. Not only is it a protein-packed snack, but it's also fun to eat as you explore the gorgeous coastline.

#5. Peanut Butter Banana Roll-ups

These are a fresh spin on PB&Js. Spread some peanut butter on a whole-grain tortilla, place a banana in the middle, roll it up, and slice it into bite-sized pieces. It's a protein and potassium-rich snack that'll keep everyone powered up. You can also add other fruits like raisins, strawberries, or apple slices.

#6. DIY Granola Bars

You can skip the store-bought granola bars when you can make your own, and they're more affordable and healthier. Mix oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and a bit of honey or maple syrup, press into a pan, chill, and cut into bars. They're full of fiber and natural sugars for a slow release of energy.

12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach | Sunset Vacations

#7. Greek Yogurt Parfaits

Probably one of the easiest ideas on this list, these delicious snacks are just throwing stuff together. Grab some single-serve Greek yogurt, top with fresh berries and granola, and there you have it - a protein-packed, deliciously refreshing snack. Remember to keep these cool in your beach cooler!

#8. Mini Sandwiches

Whip up some mini sandwiches using whole grain bread, lean proteins like turkey or chicken, and plenty of veggies. They're easy to handle, satisfying, and loaded with nutrients, which makes it feel like lunch, but keeps it light.


#9. DIY Lemonade

Nothing beats the classic, right? Squeeze some fresh lemons, add a touch of natural sweeteners like honey or stevia, and lots of ice. It's a refreshing drink that hydrates and gives you plenty of vitamin C.

#10. Berry Infused Water

Just add your favorite berries, like strawberries or blueberries, to your water bottle for a subtly sweet, antioxidant-rich hydration option. And you can also add lemon, cucumber, or kiwi or make up your own combinations.

#11. Homemade Iced Green Tea

Steep your favorite green tea, chill it, and carry it in a reusable bottle. You can jazz it up with lemon slices or a bit of honey. This antioxidant-rich sipper will keep you refreshed while aiding in sun protection too.

#12. Watermelon Agua Fresca

Blend up some watermelon, add a splash of lime, and a hint of mint. 

It's like a splash of a cool breeze on a hot day, packed with hydration and essential nutrients. 

If you have enough ice on hand, this also makes a great slushie!

12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach | Sunset Vacations

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12 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks and Drinks for the Beach | Sunset Vacations

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